Dr. Ashish Dutta

Indian Institute of Technology

Dr. Ashish Dutta
Professor, Dept. of Mechanical Engineering
Office: Faculty Building Room 338
Phone:91-512-2597562 (Off.), 2598710 (Res)
Affiliated Center(s):
 Centre for Mechatronics

Lunar Rover:


Design & Kinemetic.


3D terrain generation using structure light and vision system.


Path palnning of lunar rover.


Path tracing and error correction.



Structured Light Scanning of surface and path planing:





Multi agent Systems:


Optimal capture of a moving object by a group of mobile robots.


Optimal pushing of a captured robot to a goal point.


Development of vision based control algorithms for optimal path planning.


a b


Fig. Robots developed in our labs for multi agent systems research




                 Fig. Optimal capture of a moving object using the least number of robots and pushing it

                         optimally to a desired goal point.


Vision based Intelligent control:


Real time vision based capture of deforming and moving objects  by a three finger robot hand.


a         b c d


Fig. Optimal capture points satisfying force closure, best points found in real time on a deforming object.



Robot human Interaction and fingertip sensors:


Development of fingertip sensors and impedance controllers for human like motion.





Relevant publications in this area:


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