Dibakar Ghosal                                                                 
Assistant Professor                                                                           

Research Publications

Reserach interests:
1. Tectonic studies on
  • Central Seismic Gap (CSG) - NW Himalaya // Andaman - Sumatra subduction setting // Alcock-Seawell Rise // 85-90 degree E ridge
  • Krishna-Godavari (KG) Basin // Abenaki formation // Amsterdam-St Paul island structure

Figure: Sumatra Subduction: (left) Tomography & PreSDM combined, (middle) Backthrusting, (right) checker board tests
Figure: 3D Group velocity across HFT

Figure: Sumatra Subduction: (left) earthquakes and fault system, (right) gravity modelling
Figure: Himalayan Fault system

 Hydrocarbon/Ore/Near Surface studies on
  • Downward Continuation, Tomography and FWI // Poroelasticity // Simulating Gas hydrates in KG, Mahanadi & Cascadia
  • Fluid migration, Slumping studies in KG // Identification of Mn ore deposits 

Figure: Downwand continuation technique
Figure: Modelling of hydrate system from Mahanadi basin

Figure: Dispersion analsyis of a hydrocarbon system
Figure: Dispersion studies of MASW data
Figure: Spectral decomposition on Abenaki data

3.  Algorithm development on 
  • Full waveform inversion (FWI) in acoustic, elastic and poroelastic medium // Frequency dependent AVO analysis
  • Ambient Noise Tomography (ANT) // Advanced spectral decomposition tools // SuperVirtual Interferometry (SVI) // Wide angle MASW

Figure: FWI on Marmosi model
Figure: SVI on synthetic data
Figure: WACLSSA comparison

Research Facilities available (Equipment and software):

Figure: RAUs
Figure: 3C Tromino
Figure: RAUS and Geophones
Figure: Testing of sensors
Figure: Crustal Imaging laboratory
Figure: MTech 2017-18 with RAUs
Figure: QC using Harvester
Figure: Seismic Thumper (ESS1000)
Figure: Sercel Server
Figure: Crustal Imaging laboratory

Geophysical Field works
  • 2023: Tromino data acquisition at Oraiya, U.P.
  • 2021: CSS data acquisition at Ramtek, Nagpur.
  • 2020: CSS data acquisition at Mohand across central seismic gap.
  • 2019: CSS data acquisition at Pawalgarh across central seismic gap.
  • 2017: ANT field work work at the Central gap Himalaya -India Nepal Border from 17-18 July, 2017.
  • 2016: Participated in a marine geophysical expedition MIRAGE over Wharton basin between 1st and 30th July, 2016 and organised an international summer school onboard. You can follow the details about the school here.