Ph.D. candidates:

Mohmad Aasif Bhat (
Broad research areas: Wideband delay lines and mm-wave power amplifiers.

Pankaj Rahi (
Broad research area: Widely tunable receivers.

Mayank Anupam (
Research area: TBD

MSR candidates:

Harshit Rathore (
Broad research area: Blocker tolerant N-path filters with enhanced linearity.

Abhishek Kumar (
Broad research area: RoIC for bolometer FPAs.

Sameer Kumar (
Research area: Switch capacitance insensitive n-path Rx

M.Tech / Dual-degree candidates:

Piyush Kumar (
Research area: Transmitter for sub GHz, low BoM, IoT applications.

M.Tech / BT-MT dual degree:

Kastoori Prashanth; to: Samsung Research
Anteshwar Omnath Chimadge; to: Intel
M. Parthasarathi; to: Google
Kautuk Ghosle to: AAI
Nitish Kumar; to: Texas Instruments
Sushil Bishnoi; to: Texas Instruments
Kaustubh Pabba; to: Columbia (for Ph.D)
Vinayak Agrawal; to: Ixana
S. Narayana Rao; to: Intel
Kunal Paradkar; to: Texas Instruments
Vibhor Sharma; to: Texas Instruments