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  1. Measurement of void-fraction profiles in a steady-state bubbly flow regime using a scanning gamma-ray densitometer (Ohio State Univ )
  2. Preparatory work for the self-study modules for control systems of nuclear power reactors (Ohio State Univ )
  3. Simulation of transients/accidents for the nuclear power plants operated by Commonwealth Edison Company (Chicago)
  4. Sobolev space error estimates for computerized tomography (Ph.D. thesis)
  5. Experimental verification of the Sobolev space error estimates using the x-ray tomographic scanner developed at the Fraunhofer-Institute for Nondestructive Testing (Germany)
  6. Analysis of hard biological tissues using the Si(Li) Tomographic scanner of the London Hospital Medical College
  7. Tomographic imaging of a mercury-nitrogen flow system (BARC)
  8. Performance Evaluation of a lab-scale x-ray CT scanner (DRDL)
  9. Algorithms and Error Analysis for an industrial x-ray CT scanner (Fraunhofer IZFP)
  10. Tomographic extension of ISRO macro-radiography system
  11. Tomographic imaging of Aditya Tokamak plasma reactor
  12. Analysis of X-ray micro-CT scanner (University of Manchester)
  13. Analysis of a three-phase bubble column (Leibniz Universitatet Hannover)

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