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As Principal Investigator

[1]        Application of computerized tomography and fractal analysis in material characterisation                             

            DAE                                                    Rs. 8.05 lakhs           1995-1998

[2]        Void-fraction diagnostics development based on high energy gamma-rays for gas-driven neutron spallation target used in an Accelerator Driven Sub-critical System

DAE                                                    Rs. 9.73 lakhs           2002-2005

[3]        Cancer growth and Kanpur error theorems

                        DRDO                                                            Rs. 14.82 lakhs        2005-2009

[4]        Transient flow analysis of heavy density liquid metal in spallation targets of ADS
                        DAE                                                    Rs. 16.21 lakhs        2007-2010

[5]        Development of DR based 3D system

                        ISRO                                                  Rs. 9.72 lakhs           2008-2010

[6]        Development of tomographic code for image reconstruction from visible radiation from Aditya and SST-1 tokamak plasma

            DAE                                                    Rs. 13.50 lakhs        2009-

As co-investigator

[1]        Experimental Investigation of the LMMHD loop at BARC using computerized tomography                    

            DAE                                                    Rs. 17.10 lakhs        1997-2000

[2]        Ultrasonic NDE of damaged composite laminates using advanced data analysis techniques               

            AR&DB                                              Rs. 5.51 lakhs           1996-1999

[3]        Laser-ultrasonic tomographic imaging of composites

            Naval Research Board                   Rs. 19.63 lakhs        1998-2001


[4]        Studies in ultrasonic NDT of composite materials

            Department of Science & Technology and                     1999-2002
            BMFB (Germany)



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