Dr. Prabhat Munshi



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As Principal Investigator

[1]        Beam hardening and Photon Statistics

             DRDL                                     Rs. 14.98 lakhs                    2002-2003

 [2]        Development of Tools for Computer based Education

             SSH                                        Rs. 1.65 lakhs                       2003-2004

 [3]        Training in Tomography

            R&DE (DRDO)                     Rs. 2.64 lakhs                       2005-2006

 [4]        Thermal hydraulic analysis of a proposed reactor        

             DAE                                        Rs. 14.77 lakhs                      2006-2008

 [5]        Indian Civil Nuclear Energy Initiative                             

             PM Dimensions                   Rs. 1.94 lakhs                      2009-2010

 [6]        Monte Carlo Modeling Of Energy Response Of Silicon Diode Detector In Radiotherapy Photon Beam                                     

            DAE                                        Rs. 14.88 lakhs                      2009-2010
As Co-Investigator

 [1]        Development of software for image reconstruction and error analysis for computed tomography            

             DRDL                                     Rs. 4.96 lakhs                       1999-2001



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