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  1. A Two-fluid model for the digital simulation of steam-generators for the analysis of operational transients
    R Bhatnagar    (July 1984)
  2. A Two-fluid Model for the Digital Simulation of Steam-generator Non-Equilibrium Effects
    D.V.Rao    ( Aug 1984 )
  3. Design of a120 Mwt Reactor for a Surface Ship
    Lt.A.J.Rao    ( Aug 1984 )
  4. Application of Digital Tomography in Two-phase Flow Studies
    M.D.Seshadri    ( Feb 1985 )
  5. Suitability of Power Cables for Nuclear Power Plants
    Lt.M.G.Q.Badshah    ( Mar 1985 )
  6. Reconstruction Algorithms for Fan-beam Geometry
    S.Thirumalaiswamy    ( Dec 1985 )
  7. Detection of Boiling by Noise Analysis
    P.Krishnamoorthy    ( Jan1986 )
  8. Generalized Fault Tree Analysis for Reactor Safety
    K.K.Singh    ( Nov 1986 )
  9. Automated Fault Tree Analysis of Fast Breeder Primary Loop
    Manoj.Kumar    ( Jan 1987 )
  10. Reconstruction Tomography using Chord-Segment Inversion Technique
    R.K.Jarwal    ( Mar 1987 )
  11. Development of a Simplified CAT Algorithm involving Bessel Functions
    Maj.V.K.Bhatia    ( May 1987 )
  12. Sensitivity Studies of Filter Functions in Computerized Tomography
    P.Arora    ( May 1987 )
  13. A Study of the Performance of the EM-Algorithm in a Positron Emission
    Tomography Model R.Rastogi    ( Apr 1988 )
  14. Computer-aided Design of Shell and Tube Heat Exchangers
    S.N.Pareek    ( Mar 1990 )
  15. Study of the Poisson Error in the Convolution Backprojection Algorithm for Computerized Tomography
    M.S.Vaidya    ( May 1991 )
  16. Two-dimensional and Axisymmetric thermal and stress analysis by transfer FEM
    S. Dwivedi    ( Apr 1992 )
  17. Numerical Investigation of an Inverse theorem for Computer Tomography
    S.Vijay     ( Apr 1992 )
  18. Experimental Image Reconstruction by Convolution Backprojection
    G.K.Dwivedi    ( Apr 1992 )
  19. Application of wavelelet transforms in ultrasonic testing of composites
    R.K.Pandey    ( Jan 1995 )
  20. Experimental transmission tomography using gamma-rays
    N.K.Singh    ( May 1995 )
  21. Tomographic reconstruction of void-fraction profiles in a mercury nitrogen flow system
    P.Jayakumar    ( Feb 1996 )
  22. Tomographic imaging of a two-phase liquid flow system
    B.Kumar    ( Jul 1996 )
  23. Experimental gamma-ray tomography with limited data
    P.K. Varshney    ( Jan 1998 )
  24. Comparison of transform techniques and series expansion methods for reconstruction from projections using experimental gamma-ray tomography
    R. Magesh    ( Apr 1998 )
  25. Iterative methods in computerized tomography
    M P Tripathi    ( May 1999 )
  26. Ultrasonic Tomography of perspex/polystyrene composites
    M F Manzoor    ( Jul 1999 )
  27. Sobolev structure of some natural and machined objects
    R. Verma    (Feb 2000)
  28. Determination of void-fraction profiles in a mercury-nitrogen flow system using algebraic reconstruction techniques of tomography
    S. Varshnay    (April 2000 )
  29. Simulation and correction of beam-hardening effect in x-ray tomography
    K. Ramakrishna    (May 2000)
  30. Development of Ray-Tracing model for ultrasonic wave propagation in Composite Materials
    N. Jain    (March 2002)
  31. Study Of Fractal Features In Void Fraction Distribution In Mercury-Nitrogen Flow
    Ashwani kumar    (March 2003)
  32. Tomographic techniques and simulation of high-density two-phase flows for gas-driven ADS target systems
    R. Chaudhary    (Aug 2003)
  33. Laser based ultrasonics for defect characterization in composite materials
    N. Khanna    (Nov 2003)
  34. Improved Beam-hardening correction Algorithm
    V.S.V. Vedula    (Dec 2004)
  35. Engineering Applications of Independent Component Analysis
    S. Yadav    (Dec 2004)
  36. Tomographic Imaging in Aditya Tokamak
    N. Jain     (Feb 2005)
  37. Lamb Wave Tomography For Structural Health Monitoring
    Of Aircraft Systems S. Khare    (Mar 2005)
  38. Experimental Measurement of Void Fraction and Computer Simulation of Two-Phase Flow in the Mercury-Nitrogen Loop of LMMHD Facility
    R. Saksena    (Mar 2005)
  39. Application of First Kanpur Theorem on CT/MRI Scans
    A. Kumar    (Aug 2005)
  40. Performance Evaluation of IGCAR CT Scanner
    R. K. Tripathi    (Aug 2005)
  41. Large break loss-of-coolant-accident (LOCA) analysis of boiling water reactor (TAPS)
    A K Tiwari    (Mar 2006)
  42. Error quantification of cone beam tomography via KT-1 ROUTE
    A K Sharma    (Apr 2006)
  43. Simulation of LiDaR Measurement
    N V Anil Kumar    (Jul 2006)
  44. Artifact reduction in simulated CT images of a hip prosthesis
    M Madhogarhia    (Dec 2006)
  45. Error reduction at large cone angle for cone beam CT
    Santosh Kumar     (Feb 2007)
  46. Eigenvalue analysis of a nuclear reactor system using RELAP5/MOD3.2 code for the prediction of stability zone
    Jyotishman    (May 2007)
  47. Thermal Stratification Studies in AHWR Applications
    A Gupta    (Jun 2007)
  48. Thermal hydraulic Safety Analysis of Natural Circulation Reactor
    D Kumar    (Dec 2007)
  49. Some Benchmark Problem for RELAP5/Mod4.0
    V M Reddy    (Feb 2008)
  50. A Sobolev Space Based Image Quantification Scheme
    S K Yadav    (Mar 2009)
  51. Uncertainty Evaluation of Blackout Initiated Accident Sequences of a typical PHWR
    P Tewari    (Dec 2009)
  52. Uncertainty Analysis of Large Break LOCA for a PHWR
    A Trivedi    (Feb 2010)
  53. Monte Carlo Simulation of Energy Response of Silicon Diode Detectors to Radiotherapy Photon Beams using EGSnrc Code
    D Verma     (Feb 2010)
  54. Stability Analysis of RELAP5 Two-phase Flow Model for LWR
    R Kumar     (Feb 2010)
  55. Analysis of PHWR Turbine Transient
    B M Sharma    (Mar 2010)
  56. Visible Light Tomography for Aditya Tokamak
    D Varshney    (May 2011)
  57. Cone beam tomography
    M Sharma    (May 2011)
  58. Analysis Of Multiphase Flow In Bubble Column Using First Kanpur Theorem And Fractal Dimension
    Paridhi Athe    (May 2011)
  59. Uncertainty Evaluation of Reliability of Safety Grade Decay Heat Removal System of Indian Prototype Fast Breeder Reactor
    H L Kumavat    (May 2012)
  60. Design Of Multi-detector System for Gamma Ray Imaging and Nuclear Safety
    Lt Cmdr V S Kanwal    (May 2012)
  61. Performance Evaluation ff An Experimental Gamma Ray Tomographic Setup
    Subhendu Ghosh    (May 2012)
  62. Design and Manufacturing of Set-up for Ultrasonic Imaging of Bubble Column
    Nishant Agarwal    (May 2012)
  63. A Comparative Study of Ray and Wave Theory for Phase Contrast Tomography
    Jyoti Meena     (Sep 2012)
  64. Image Segmentation rsing Level Set Method In Presence of Time Varying Noise
    Arka Datta    (May 2013)
  65. Small Break Loss of Coolant Accident Analysis of a PWR Using RELAP5
    LT Cmdr Rahul Arora    (May 2013)
  66. Data Error Analysis of In-House Built Multi-detector Gamma Ray Imaging CT System Using First Kanpur Theorem
    Lt Cmdr Rehan Sheikh    (May 2013)
  67. Dynamics and Stability Analysis of a BWR using Simplified Distributed Parameters
    B V S S N Varma     (May 2013)
  68. Error Detection & Correction Methodology in Wireless Sensor Networks using Multi-Sensors Vector Prediction History Tree
    Shefali Saxena    (May 2013)
  69. Design Optimization of an Electrical Canned Motor for Primary Heat Transport System of PWR
    Rupendra Singh    (May 2013)
  70. Design and fabrication of an electronic thermo-cycler with micro-fluidic cooling capabilities for performing quantitative Polymerase Chain Reaction
    Deepak Arya     (June 2013)
  71. Studies and Validation of Solutions to the Forward Problem of Electrical Impedance Tomography
    R P Chaudhary    (Aug 2013)
  72. Reduction of Scattering Error using Improved Collimation in a Gamma CT Set-Up
    Manas Kumar     (May 2014)
  73. Validation of Beam-Hardening correction for Mini-CT scanner installed at IITK
    T P Singh    (May 2014)
  74. Dynamic Bias Analysis of Multi-Phase Flow Involving Fractal Dimension
    G Bable     (May 2014)
  75. Performance Evaluation of a Laser Machining Unit Using X-Ray Micro CT Scanner
    A Maan    (May 2014)


A methodology in ultrasonic NDE for identification and reconstruction of defects in fibre composites

D. Datta (Apr 1996)


Laser tomographic studies of the Rayleigh-Benard flow

D. Mishra (Oct 1998)


New Tomography Studies for Composite Materials with Defects using Lasetr Ultrasonics

S. K. Rathore (Feb 2006)


Characterization of Medical CT Images using Fractal Theory and Inherent Error Theorem

R. K. Jauhari (Jan 2008)


Three Dimensional Tomographic Imaging with Circular and Helical Trajectories

Nitin Jain (Nov 2010)                                                                                               


Parallel architecture based fast algorithms for tomographic reconstruction using algebraic reconstruction methods    

Manish Kumar Bajpai (2013)


Dynamic bias analysis and global characterization of three-phase three-component flow images with Kanpur theorems and fractal dimension                                                                                           

Snehlata Shakya (Feb 2014)


Development of Compact CT Scanners for Limited View Tomography                     

Mayank Goswami (Nov 2014)

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