S.No. Name of Inventors Title of the Invention IPA No. Filing Date Patent No. Granting Date
1 Mr. Subham Jain (PhD Student, CE), Dr. K. S. Venkatesh (EE), Dr. Animesh Das (CE) Angularity Measurement System for Construction Aggregates 202211067852 25.11.2022 --- ---
2 Ms. Hitika Tiwari (Student, EE), Dr. K. S. Venkatesh (EE) A Reduced Dependency Fast Three-dimensional Face Reconstruction Framework for Real-time Applications 202211037950 01.07.2022 --- ---
3 Ms. Hitika Tiwari (PhD Student, EE), Dr. K.S. Venkatesh (EE) Near-infrared Face Image Colorization via Self-supervised Triplet and Feature Map-based 3D Face Reconstruction 202211030287 26.05.2022 --- ---
4 Mr. Dheeraj Bharti (Student, EE), Dr. K.S. Venkatesh (EE) A Robust Dehazing Algorithm in CIELABCOLOR Space 202211019947 01.04.2022 409437 20.10.2022
5 Dr. Venkatesh K. Subramanian (EE), Ms Garima Jain (Student, EE) System And Method for Image Standardization 202111036650 13.08.2021 412834 29.11.2022
6 Ms. Shweta Parihar (Student, EE), Dr. K. S. Venkatesh (EE) Virtual Aperture Mask-lens Assembly for Coded Aperture Technique 202111000739 07.01.2021 --- ---
7 Ms. Kiranjit Das Dalal (Student, EE), Dr. Abhishek (AE), Dr. K. S. Venkatesh (EE) Real-time Spherical Omnidirectional Visual Gyroscope 202011057504 31.12.2020 --- ---
8 Mr. Siddhant Srivastava (PhD. Student, Design Prog.), Mr. Ayush Gupta (B.Tech Student, BSBE), Dr. Arshad Ahmad (KGMU), Dr. J. Ramkumar (ME & Design Prog.), Dr. K. S. Venkatesh (EE), Mr. Virendra Singh (Technician, ME) Multipurpose Proctoscope: Hinge TypeDesign 325093-001 27.12.2019 Design 17.08.2020
9 Mr. Siddharth J. Singh (Student, EE), Ms. Vidya Mohan (Proj. Engg., EE), Dr. K. S. Venkatesh (EE) Orthographic Image Generator 201911050565 07.12.2019 --- ---
10 Mr. Tushar Goswamy (Student, AE), Mr. Priyanshu Gupta (Student, CSE), Mr. Himanshu Kumar (PhD Student, EE), Dr. K. S. Venkatesh (EE) A System and Method for Detection of Keystroke using Defocus 201911044242 31.10.2019 --- ---
11 Mr. Aarsh Prakash Agarwal (B.Tech, EE), Dr. K. S. Venkatesh (EE) A Method for Classifying Touch Response on a Capacitive Touch Screen Panel and Apparatus Thereof 201911016923 29.04.2019 --- ---
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13 Prof .K. S. Venkatesh (EE), Prof.J.Ramkumar (ME) and Mr.Hitendra Kumar (Student, ME) Parametric Anisotropic BRDF for 3D Surface Reconstruction and Micro Texture Evaluation 201711001182 11.01.2017 403703 17.08.2022
14 Mr.Saumik Bhattacharya (PhD Student, EE), Prof.Sumana Gupta (EE), Prof.KS Venkatesh (EE) Method and System for Expansion of Visibility Range of an Image 201611011684 01.04.2016 --- ---
15 Saumik Bhattacharya (EE, Student), Megha Nahwal (EE, Student), Prof. K. S.Venkatesh (EE) Apparatus and Method for Real Time Foreground Extraction 201611006602 25.02.2016 --- ---
16 Prof. K. S. Venkatesh, EE Mr. Saumik Bhattacharya (Stydent), EE Ms. Megha Nehwal (student), EE High Dynamic Range (hdr) Imaging Systemand Method Thereof' 201611001989 19.01.2016 400952 06.07.2022
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18 Prof. K. S. Venkatesh, Garima Jain Human Hand Detection from Structure Light Based 3D Sensor 1678/DEL/2015 05.05.2015 --- ---
19 Prof. K S Venkatesh (EE) and Mr. Gogineni Bhargava (Student) Conversion of Aspect Ratio 584/DEL/2015 27.02.2015 --- ---
20 Dr. K. S. Venkatesh (EE), Mr. Yogesh Soniwal (Student, EE), Dr. Amit Mitra (Maths-Stats) Convergent Monotonic Matrix Factorization Based Entire Frame Image Processing 3035/DEL/2014 24.10.2014 --- ---
21 Mr. Narasimhachari B (Student), Mr. Saumik Bhattacharya (Student) , Ms. Megha Nawhal (Student) and Prof. K S Venkatesh (EE) Controlled Neutral Density Filter for HDRI 2804/DEL/2014 30.09.2014 408628 07.10.2022
22 Prof. K S Venkatesh (EE) and Mr. Anindya Rai, (Student) Image Deblurring Using Flexible Space Variant Flutter Shutter 3488/DEL/2013 29.11.2013 349539 19.10.2020
23 Mr. Bhoopendra Singh (EE) and Prof. K S Venkatesh (EE) Real Time Image Stabilization 2041/DEL/2013 08.07.2013 388029 31.01.2022
24 Mr. Jay D Dave and Prof. K S Venkatesh (EE) (Provisional) Systems and Methods for Signature Verification 1801/DEL/2013 18.06.2013 413519 02.12.2022
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27 Dr. K S Venkatesh (EE), Ms. Preeti Dubey Convergent Matrix Factorization Based Entire Frame 3119/DEL/2010 28.12.2010 ---
28 Dr. K. S. Venkatesh, EE, Ms. Armin Mustafa, M.Tech student, EE Finger Gesture Recognition in Dynamic Projecting Upon Arbitrary Background using Reflectance Modeling 974/DEL/2010 23.04.2010 402176 27.07.2022
29 Dr. K S Venkatesh, EE, Mr. Durga Prasad Kethineedi, M.Tech Student, EE A Process for Compression of Surveillance Video Data for Long Storage in Smaller Storage Medium 2438/DEL/2009 26.11.2009 303133 15.11.2018
30 Dr. S.P. Das & Dr. K.S. Venkatesh (EE), Mr. Pankaj Agarwal & Rajendu Choubisa (B.Tech EE class of 2004) A Power Supply System for Electronic Devices 258/DEL/2007 07.02.2007 319334 29.08.2019