August 2022Ramakrishnan, ArjunAvisha Impact of Affective State on Social Decision-Making in a Penalty Shot Game
August 2022----Singh, Jitendra Open-Set Object Recognition Techniques using Deep Neural Network for Robotic applications
July 2022Bhushan, BrajSonkar, Parul Facial Microexpressions And The Autonomic Nervous System Establishing The Link
July 2022Dutta, AshishNagar, Manish EEG-EMG Band Power Correlation (BPC) Based BCI
January 2022----Kadam, Shankar Tracking and Surveillance of Multiple Objects over a Camera Network
October 2021----Gupta, Shashi Kant An Integrated Computational Model of Visual Search Combining Eccentricity, Bottom-up, and Top-down Cues
January 2021Bhushan, BrajKumari, Lisha Handwriting Based Detection of Dyslexia using Machine Learning
October 2020Namboodiri, Vinay PSrivastava, Deepankar Depth based Graph Network for VQA Counting
Septembar 2020----Vaish, Akanksha Spectrum Preserving Random Extension of Multidimensional Signals and Economical Optical Flow
Septembar 2020Kanagaraj, VenkatesanKumar, Gaurav Vehicle Detection, Tracking and Speed Estimation from Aerial Videos using Quadcopter in disordered Traffic
August 2020----Jaiswal, Chhathu Kumar Marker Free Visual Indoor Navigation System
August 2020----Parihar, Shweta Virtual Aperture Mask
July 2020----Das Dalal, Kiranjit Real-time Spherical Omnidirectional Visual Gyroscope
July 2020Namboodiri, Vinay PKurmi, Vinod Understanding Transfer Learning between Domains and Tasks
June 2020----Soman, Kritik Semantic Mobile Base Station Placement
June 2020----Singh, Aditi Set Theoretic Processor Synthesis, Decomposition and Representation
January 2020Behera, LaxmidharSharma, Radhe Shyam Smart Control Strategies for Autonomous Navigation of Multi-robot Systems
August 2019----Mandal, Maniratnam Optimum Methods For Quasi-Orthographic Surface Imaging
August 2019----Shet, Darshan Real Time External Surrogate Visual Tracking of Lung Tumours for Effective Radiotherapy
August 2019Namboodiri, Vinay P; Deodhare, DiptiJamal, Arshad Recognizing Activities Under Domain Shift
July 2019----Bhatt, Rajesh Sparse Modeling Applications and Extensions to Perceptual (SSIM) Index
July 2019----Singh, Siddharth J Light-Field Depth Estimation and Computational Orthographic Imaging
June 2019----Pal, Rudrasen Dithering Based High Dynamic Range Imaging
June 2019----Sai Kumar, Kuragayalu Multi Modal Approach For Indoor Positioning System Using Smartphone
July 2018----Agrawal, Saurabh Photopic Scotopic Multimodal Tracking
July 2018----Saroj, Monika Object Tracking and Spatiotemporal Storyboards On Omnidirectional Data
July 2018----Jain, Garima Results in Stochastic Resonance with Applications
July 2018----Saroj, Monika Spatiotemporal Denoising of Thermal Video by Total Variation Minimization
June 2018Gupta, SumanaKumar, Rupesh Spatio-Temporal Regularity Based Video Analysis In Video Cube
January 2018Gupta, SumanaRanjan, Raju Sparsity Constrained Dictionary Design and Applications
January 2018Dutta, AshishSingh, Mahesh Kumar Surface Generation by Range Data Fusion using Hybrid Structured Light Systems
January 2018Gupta, SumanaKumar, Himanshu Defocus Map Estimation and PSF Characterization
November 2017----Sravya, Eleswarapu Rajeswari Veena Virtual camera effects and depth estimation Using light fields
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August 2017Gupta, SumanaBhattacharya, Saumik Novel Video Decomposition Techniques and Their Applications
July 2017----Kalsi, Jasleen 6 Dof Viewpoint Motion, Superresolution, And Heterogeneous Camera Configurations
July 2017----Pawar, Maneesh Extended Super Resolution of Hyperspectral Images via Non Negative Sparse Coding
June 2017----Rani, Prachi Omnidirectional Hyperlapse
March 2017----K., Lakshmi Sravya Fast Volume calibration and Occlusion Free Depth Estimation using Enhanced Optical Orthogonal Codes
December 2016Behera, LaxmidharMajumder, Anima Development of Vision Based Automatic Facial Expression Recognition Systems Using Machine Learning Algorithms
October 2016Namboodiri, Vinay PJangid, Arpit Visual odometry based hyperlapse creation
August 2016Guha, TanayaAgarwal, Ishendra Disparity Based Omnidirectional 3D Reconstruction Using Convex Mirror Pair
August 2016Gupta, SumanaPatidar, Vikas Techniques For Image Concealment
July 2016Pandey, GauravGiri, Shashank Mutual Information Based Registration of Textured 3D Point Clouds
July 2016----Singh, Ajay Kumar Visual Seeking with Gray and Thermal Imagery
July 2016----Kumar, Ashish Shape Backprojection In 3D Scenes
July 2016----Kesharwani, Sushil Leap Motion Controller Application In Music, Biometrics And Security
June 2016Ramkumar, JKumar, Hitendra Parametric Anisotropic BRDF for 3D Reconstruction and Micro-Texture Evaluation
June 2016Sharma, GovindAgrawal, Anirudh Kumar Cellular Automata for Image Inpainting
June 2016----Jadhav, Aishwarya Udaysinh Deep Learning and its Application in Fault Diagnosis of Electrical Machines.
June 2016----Yadav, Ajeet Singh Depth Map Estimation using Defocus Blur and Motion Cues
June 2016Behera, LaxmidharDanchuka, Karthik From Crowd Dynamics to Crowd Saftey
June 2016----Khare, Niharika Glare Cancellation System for Vehicles and Aircraft
November 2015Gupta, SumanaChirag Image Binarization of Historical Degraded Document Images
August 2015Patel, HimanshuJain, Sonali Quaternion Based Refinement Model For High-Resolution Satellite Images
August 2015Bhushan, BrajSen, Nidhi Temporal And Intensity Analysis Of Action Units In Microexpressions
August 2015Namboodiri, Vinay PSankhwar, Rahul Visual Hull Reconstruction in Surveillance Videos
August 2015----Tundulwar,AditiyaEstiimation and Cancellation Of Lens Flare
July 2015----Bolluru,PraveenMarker Less Hand Detection And Gesture Recogition From 2D Sensor Data
July 2015----Tiwari,AsutoshExplorations Of Multidimension Modulo Tic Tac Toe
July 2015----Gogineni,BhargavaConversion of Aspect Ratios Using a novel Mirror Setup
July 2015 Namboodiri,Vinay P.Kumar,NikhilRegularity Flow Inspired Target Tracking in FLIR Imagery
June 2015Gupta, SumanaSrikakulapa,VivekDepth Estimation from single image using texture and defocus cues
May 2015----Bansal,AnkanPeople Counting in high density crowds from still image
May 2015----Nawhal,MeghaHDR Imaging With Conventional Cameras
October 2014----B,NarasimhachariHDR Imaging Using Time Varying ND Filter
August 2014Behera, Laxmidhar;Gupta, Meenakshi Vision based Human Tracking from a Mobile Robotic Platform
July 2014----Kurmi,VinodHand Gesture Recognition from 3D and 2D Sensor Data
July 2014Mukerjee,AmitabhBhutani,AnkitAlternate Layer Sparsity and Intermediate Fine-tuning for Deep Autoencoders
July 2014----Abhishek,AnandUAV-3D Pose Estimation
July 2014----S.,Silpa K.2D Shape Classification In Tangent Space
July 2014----Tripathi,Pragyanandesh NarayanModelScanner Scanning 3D Human Model
June 2014----Ghatkesar,AartiEdge Distortion Removal in disparity Maps Using Alpha Matting
June 2014----Chechani,ShubhamCollaborative Multi Camera Network Surveillance With Automated Agent Tracking Under Complex Occlusion
June 2014----Tiwari,AbhishekFast Video Stabilization
June 2014Mukerjee,AmitabhaDwibedi,DebidattaObservational Learning Of Rules Of Games
May 2014----Nanduri,Manoj KumarSegmentation Directed Inpainting
May 2014 Mitra,AmitSoniwal,Yogesh KumarEntire Frame Image Display Employing Monotonic Convergent Non-Negative Matrix Factorization
Aug 2013Gupta SumanaKurmi, Indrajit RamvilasNovel Light Field Panorama using Cylindrical Light Field System
July 2013Gupta SumanaSingh, Adersh KumarNatural Daylight Colour Visualization for Multispectral Imaging in NIR(700-1100nm)
July 2013Mukerjee AmitabhaDhingra, BhuwanLocal Quandrature Reconstruction on Smooth Manifolds
July 2013----Singh, BhoopendraReal Time Stabilization and Deblurring of Thermal Images
July 2013----Dave, Jay DOnline Signature Verification by using Stereo Camera and Tablet
July 2013Gupta SumanaKumar, Katta PhaniSpatio-temporal multi-view synthesis for free viewpoint television
June 2013----Bhadouria, Vishw Mitra SinghStereo Image To Graphics Conversion For Indoor Environment
June 2013Gupta SumanaS, HarshavardhanFlutter Shutter Based Motion Deblurring on Complex Videos
May 2013----Ghosh, PallabiFast, Accurate and Efficient Computation of Stereo Depth Maps
July 2012----Das, MonideepaTheory, representation and techniques for silhouette metrology
July 2012----Sinha, Alok KumarImproved Data Extraction from Digital Images Captured using UH-ICCD imaging System
July 2012----M, DeepikaTime, storage and display optimized processing of light field data for 3d virtual views
June 2012----Rai, AnindyaAutomatic Deblurring of Motion Blurred Images using Flutter Shutter
June 2012----Dwivedi, Venkatesh KumarEstimation of aircraft state from optical flow
June 2012Gupta SumanaSinghal, Deepak Text and Symbol Information Extraction from Images and Videos
June 2012----Sabarwal, Bhumi Robust Background Estimation In Heavily Intruded Videos
June 2012----Ailani, Vaishali SLAM with Straight Space Edges
June 2012Gupta SumanaDeotale, Gunjan Prakash Uncalibrated Projector-Camera System for any Continuous Planar and Nonplanar Surface
May 2012Gupta SumanaSoni, Palash Aircraft approach parameters from airstrip visual data
May 2012Mukerjee AmitabhaNayak, Sushobhan A grounded cognitive model for anaphors and metaphors
April 2012---Deshpande, Shirin Product Development Of A Customizable Vision Based Keyboard Touchpad Entry System
July 2011---Venugopal,Lakkur GauthamLow Cost Hand Based and Eye Based HCI Systems Using Visible-IR Inputs
Nov 2011Mukerjee, AmitabhaJain, SezalEdge-Feature Tracking
July 2011---Gadde, Koteswara RaoHigh accuracy silhoutte based reconstruction with conventional optics
July 2011--Sudheer, KCamera motion tracking & automatic background foreground segmentation of moving camera data
July 2011---Venkatapathigari, Venkata Satheesh KumarLow cost scale and affine invariant (SAI) descriptors for point tracking in color videos
July 2011---Shah, Jaykumar KhushalWriter dependent cursive handwriting synthesis from offline samples
May 2011---POPLI, SHIVARANJANI3D Generation, Compression And Processing Of Novel Views From Light Field Data
May 2011Karnick,HarishMishra,AnandRobust Automatic Image Annotation of Large Image Databases(ABSTRACT ONLY)
June 2010Mukerjee, AmitabhaSharma, BishwajitAction recognition in videos using fourier shape-motion words
Oct 2010---Sachan, VikalpStructured light based visual navigation for moon rover(ABSTRACT ONLY)
June 2010Mukerjee AmitabhaMishra, AnimaHuman pose estimation in videos using temporal continuity on static pose
June 2010---Jain SiddharathaThree Dimensional Environment Mapping Using Active Stereoscopic Infrared Sensors
June 2010---Srivastava, Anurag KumarNovel techniques for real time automatic target detection and tracking for thermal image sequences
June 2010---Singh, AkshataMultiple object tracking and synchronization across multiple camera views
May 2010---Verma, KamleshFast And Robust Real Time Digital Video Stabilization And Smear Removal Using Integral Projection Curve Warping Technique
May 2010---Mustafa, ArminMulti finger gesture recognition in dynamic environment under varying illumination upon arbitary background
May 2010---Singh, KavirajVisual Occupancy Measurement
Oct 2009---Kethineedi, Durga PrasadMultilayered Background Models Of Static Camera Data for Summarization, Compression and 2.5D Analysis(ABSTRACT ONLY)
July 2009Behera LaxmidharTanala, SubrahmanyamVisual motors co-ordination of a 6 DOF IRB 140 manipulator using eye-in-hand camera config
Sep 2009Mukerjee,AmitabhaGuha, PrithwijitUnsupervised Concept Acquisition from Surveillance Videos
June 2009Behera LaxmidharThokala, Naveen KumarIntelligent Moving Target Tracking Schemes for Mobile Robot Navigation
June 2009---Dixit, Mandar DilipCombining Edge and Color Features to Track Partially occluded humans
June 2009---Varier, Sidharth Ramachandran3d reconstruction techniques from multiple images for objects and terrain
Aug 2008Potluri RamprasadBhardwaj, JitendraDevelopment of a search capable automatic book scanner Machine
May 2009---Kaushal, JyotiVisual Recognition of Hand Gestures in ASL
July 2008---Wate, AmolMulti Camera Pan-Tilt Surveillance Networks(ABSTRACT ONLY)
July 2008---Majeti, Nageswara RaoPaths on Z2 under arbitary adjacencies
June 2008---Nandi, SudiptoUnsupervized Obect categorization from surveillance videos
May 2008---Vaidya, AmeyNovel techniques for 3D reconstruction
May 2008---SudhanshuMinimum error virtual view synthesis
Nov 2007---Raghavendra, KVideo inpainting & object Separation
July 2007---Reddy, V ApoorvaScale & affine invariant(SAI) descriptors for matching color images
May 2007---Reddy, T Bharat KumarCorrespondence Based Video Deinterlacing
July 2006---Gupta, AshishWriter Dependent Handwriting Synthesis
July 2006---Santra, TapeshThe representation Theory for relations
June 2006---Agrawal, SakshamFont insensitive recognition of multiple indian scripts
May 2006---Chandrashekhar,Hedau VarshaHuman activity representation, analysis, & recognition
Aug 2005---Kiran Kumar, O.Analysis & annotation of cricket videos
July 2005---Tayal, RichaProcessor composition, complex sets & hyperprocessing
July 2005---Dibyendu, PalaiForeground extraction and object tracking
July 2005---Prasad, A V SInvestigation into incremental multi-camera self-calibration
June 2005---Sriram, M PA fast and robust correspondence algorithm for view synthesis
June 2005---Arshad, JamalEnvironment mapping using monocular image sequences
July 2004---Kumar, ShaileshBiomathematical modeling and intervention in the human male hpg axis
May 2003---Misra, ShivaniA CBIR Based on PartiaL Queries With Rotation & Crop Invariance
April 2002Gupta SumanaMishra, SampurnanandaModel based motion estimation and segmentation
Feb 2002---Majumder, Santanu BijoyTolerance relations for signal processing
April 2001---Gnanaraj, D GodwinColor quantization for video sequence
Feb 2001Gupta SumanaSisodia, Kaushlendra SinghSpatial domain superresolution reconstruction of images
Feb 2001Gupta SumanaBajpai, Rajiv KumarEstimation of motion and depth from smeared images