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07 May 2007: Short term training programme on 15-16 June 2007 at IIT Kanpur. For brochure and registration form, click here.

05 June 2006: Support, customisation and training is available through Brihaspati Software Solutions

11 Feb 2006: Donation to Brihaspati project now possible. Click here for donating.

09 August 2005Presentation in Eleltech 2005 about Brihaspati. Eleltech 2005 organised by CDAC- Hyderabad in JNTU campus.

06 August 2005Training programme in National Law School University of India, Banglore conducted on 06-07 august 2005.
17 May 2005 Web based course on Optical Communications will commence from 15th June 2005 to 15th July 2005. It will consist of notes on various modules being posted on web at announced intervals. Thereafter the discussion via discussion group, chat and whiteboard will follows at specified times. In the end a self test will be administered. Since, this mode of conducting course is tried for first time, there is not registration fee. But you need to send an email to or call on 0512-2597944 to register. Please provide your name, Email, address, affiliation, age, background qualifications, small brief about your motivation to become part of this experiment.

17 May 2005 Training programme in NIST and CVR college of Engineering, Bhubneshwar is cancelled due to problems with railways reservations.

13 May 2005 Training programme in NIST, Berhampur preponed to 15-17 May 2005.

09 May 2005 Training programme on 21-23 May 2005 in NIST, Berhampur, Orissa. Contact - Mr.Sangram Mudli, Director, NIST. Phone: 0680-2492421, 2492422, 2350593

22 April 2005 Training programme on 7-8 May 2005 in University School of IT, GGS Indraprastha University, Kashmere Gate, Delhi. Contact Dr.Yogesh Singh, Dean, University School of IT, GGS Indraprastha University,Kashmere Gate, Delhi 110006, Tel: 011-23862856 (o).

31 March 2005 Training programme on 18-20 May 2005 in C V Raman College of Engineering, Bidyanagar, Mahura, Janla, Bhubaneswar - 752054, Orissa, INDIA. Contact Dr. Puspalata Pattojoshi, Tel: 91 - 674 - 2460693 / 2460743 ( Work) Tel:91 - 674 - 2542119 ( Home ) Fax: 91 - 674 - 2552106

31 March 2005 Training programme in Gwalior Engineering College, Gwalior on 09-10 April 2005. Contact Dr. L.M.Saxena, Director, GEC (local organiser) for attending the training programme. Contact phone no.0751-2479942, 2479141.

15 March 2005 Banasthali Vidyapeeth - added to Resource person list for Brihaspati

21 Feb 2005 National Law School, Banglore - agreed to become resource center for Brihaspati for the nearby universities and institutes. You can contact Ms. Gayathri for support, distribution and help regarding Brihaspati (Email:

17 Feb 2005 The tentative programme of training of Brihaspati users postponed and will be finally notified after the user build of Brihaspati-2 will be released.

25 Jan 2005 Likely date for Brihaspati workshop and training programme in IIT Kanpur, 4-6 May 2005. Send in your request for attending the programme to Dr.Y.N.Singh at, phone-0512-2597944, 2598796

20 Jan 2005 Tranining programme in Aurangabad has been postponed due to unforseen circumstances. We will announce the new dates whenever it will decided.

04 Jan 2005: Happy New Year from Brihaspati Team. The directory publishing is now possible. Brihaspati-2 with tdk-2.3 released for developers only. Brihaspati_sync with audio-video capture and transmission released. Discussion and demonstration session for all interested on 07 January 2005 at 1815 hrs in L-15, LHC, IIT Kanpur.

23 Dec 2004:Brihaspati-2 is comming shortly, redesigned on tdk-2.3. The initial release is only for developers only. Currently only administrator features are supported.

13 Dec 2004:Three day training, demo, discussion meeting in IIT Kanpur (supported by IIT Kanpur, University Grants Commission) - planned in March-April 2005. Final announcemnet will come in January 2005. No Registration fee for academia. Contact Dr.Y.N.Singh -, Phone: 0512-2597070, 2597841 (Lab), 0512-2597944 (O), 0512-2598796 (R)

13 Dec 2004:Three day training cum demo programme in Aurangabad (DBAM Univ.) for Brihaspati (24-26th January 2005) Limited capacity - contact Dr.Suresh Mehrotra - Phone:0240-2343680 (R), 0240-2400431 (O)
22 Nov 2004: bug fix in links for admin, local mail facility, marks upload is improved now.
06 Oct 2004: Profile modification to change the hint question and its answer is now available. Each user can upload its photograph also. This is visible when you login. More modification which will use this photograph will come soon.
30 Sept 2004: Problem in incorrect display of messages in discussion gorup fixed. Problems in notices fixed. Extra links for logouts removed from severl vm files.
25 Sept 2004: Bug due to conflicts in filenames on windows removed. (windows considers uppercase and lowercase as same). Error in design removed for coursenaming. Extra files removed. Document for installation modified (See the new INSTALL.txt at same location now.). New institutes added to intended users of brihaspati system.
01 Sept 2004: docs/INSTALL.txt modified. Use this new file for installation instructions. The latest INSTALL.txt is available at
30 August 2004: Code for login screen modified to make the login much faster.
28 August 2004: bug for discussion group fixed, calculator added, news facility added.
23 August 2004: is now UP.