Brihaspati-virtual classroom
Java servlets based content delivery system

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For liscence information see LISCENCE given with the distribution in the brihaspati.

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List of users


Resource persons you can contact

  1. (Commercial support throughout the world)
    You want
    • to use this software,
    • find it difficult to use and maintain
    • need to have training programme
    • customize it to your own requirements
    • want to have components like SCORM compliance not available in download version
    contact Brihaspati Software Solutions, Phone: +91 94 501 36010
  2. (Commercial support in USA, Canada and Europe) B Gupta, Email:, Phone: +1 510 972 0727
  3. (Voluntary support- Banasthali, Rajasthan) Vikas Manoria, Banasthali Vidyapeeth, Banasthali, Rajasthan-304022, Phone: +91 1438 22 8647, 48
  4. (Voluntary support- Banglore) National Law School, Banglore
    Contact: Ms. Gayathri Devi (, Phone: +91 80 2321 1065 Fax : +91 80 2321 7858
  5. (Consultancy mode support- Kanpur) Indian Insitute of Technology, Kanpur
    Dr.Y.N.Singh ( - +91 512 (259/392) 7944 (O), (259/392) 8796 (R)
    N.K.Singh ( - +91 512 (259/392) 7841, (259/392) 7070
  6. (Voluntary support- Pune) Mr.Manvendra Singh, Phone +91-9011356408
  7. (Commercial support- Delhi) Mr.Manvendra Nath Singh, Phone +91 9313988114

This list is updated based on the information received from volunteers. We in know way are responsible for the contact persons. All the terms and conditions for the help from these resource persons will be your personal responsiblities. We are not liable to any consequence for the interaction with these resource persons. THIS LIST IS PROVIDED FOR HELPING THE PEOPLE TO FIND SOMEBODY NEARBY WHO CAN HELP. In case you want yourself to be listed or not to be listed here, please inform at

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