Next Generation Wireless Research and Standardization on 5G+ and 6G. Project is being funded by Ministry of Electronics and Information Technology(MeitY), Govt. of India.

Focus in this project will be on to incorporate the theoretical research being done in the group to 5G+ and 6G standards

Figures below show some example research areas on which we will be focusing in this project.

Unmanned aerial vehicles (UAVs) integration in 5g+/6G

  • UAVs have better channel conditions than GUEs – observe Line of Sight channel

  • Investigate interference from UAVs will affect GUEs

  • Analyze the performance and design interference-mitigating transmitter and receiver algorithms

alt text 

Integrated access and backhaul (IAB)

  • Relays are used to improve the coverage – currently half-duplex

  • Require separate spectrum for backhaul link between base station and relay

  • FD relays (IAB) do not require separate spectrum

  • Explore resource allocation to avoid interference between access and backhaul link

alt text 

OTFS for high-speed vehicular communication

  • Helps avoid inter-subcarrier interference

  • Design transmitter and receive algorithms

  • Investigate how it can be incorporated in 5G+ and 6G standards

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