Prof. Sabyasachi Sarkar

Honorary Visiting Professor,

Nano Science and Synthetic Leaf Laboratory at Downing Hall,

Centre for Healthcare Science and Technology,

 IIEST, Shibpur
Honorary Distinguished  Professor,

Nano Science and Synthetic Leaf Cell,

Dept. of Chemistry, Industrial & Applied Chemistry,

Ramakrishna Mission Vidyamandia, Belur Math

Former Senior Professor and Head, Dept. of Chemistry, IIT, Kanpur


Activation and fixation of small molecules like N2,CO2,CO,C2H2,CH4 and O2 involving synthesized transition metal complexes mimicking metallo-protein(enzymatic) properties with the understanding of structure-function relationship. Platinum complexes-DNA interaction as anticancer drug, copper-thiomolybdate interaction against Wilson disease and Cu-Mo antagonism. Current and sustained studies include to model (with the theme: stabilization of unusual oxidation states of transition metals involving green chemistry): nitrogenase, molybdenum and tungsten dependent pterin (cofactor) containing oxido-reductase class of enzymes, modeling hemo-proteins (heme as prosthetic group) like cytochrome P-450, NO-synthase, cytochrome-c oxidase, nitrophorin, nitrobinden, cofactor F430, Ni- and Fe-hydrogenases,. The role of trace elements in stabilizing and catalyzing redox reactions like anaerobic respiration under hyperthermophilic and other primitive conditions and the role of TMNO in atherosclerosis and its easy and early detection.