Prof. Sabyasachi Sarkar

Honorary Visiting Professor, CHST

 Nano Science and Synthetic Leaf Laboratory, Downing Hall

Indian Institute of Engineering Science and Technology, Shibpur

Former Senior Professor and Head, Dept. of Chemistry, IIT, Kanpur


B.Sc. (Honours in Chemistry):  University of Calcutta (India), 1964

M.Sc.: University of Calcutta (India), 1966

Ph.D.: Gorakhpur University (India), 1975

(Ph.D. Supervisors: Started Research work under Prof. P.B Sarkar Dr. es. Sc., F.N.A, formerly Head , Chemistry Department, Calcutta University and after his demise in 1971 joined Gorakhpur Unversity under Professor R. P. Rastogi, F.N.A., F.A. Sc., formerly Head, Chemistry Department, Gorakhpur University and Ex-vice Chanceller, Banaras Hindu University, to complete the thesis.)

Post-doctoral Research:University of Dortmund (Germany), 1976-1977

                                        University of Bielefeld (Germany), 1977-1978

Academic Root: