Prof. Sabyasachi Sarkar

Honorary Visiting Professor,

Nano Science and Synthetic Leaf Laboratory at Downing Hall,

Centre for Healthcare Science and Technology,

 IIEST, Shibpur
Honorary Distinguished  Professor,

Nano Science and Synthetic Leaf Cell,

Dept. of Chemistry, Industrial & Applied Chemistry,

Ramakrishna Mission Vidyamandia, Belur Math

Former Senior Professor and Head, Dept. of Chemistry, IIT, Kanpur

Analytical and Environmental

The work relates the development of spot test analysis in detecting trace materials relevant to forensic science and in analyzing important ingredients in bulk of similar materials. The distribution of toxic materials in drinking water especially the presence of arsenic and /or fluoride not only requires easy detection but their removal. Carbon nano technology is developed to combat these toxic materials from potable water without the use of electricity or other alternate energy applicable in rural areas or in trekking. The presence of black carbon (BC) in the environment now adversely influences the aerosol for erratic precipitation and contributes to global warming. The use of cobweb to identify the distribution of BC indoor and outdoor showed the presence of defective CNT in BC. The defective CNT may activate oxygen under sunlight to produce ROS. Also the use of nano carbon particles is shown to release slowly the micro nutrients and adsorbed water to young plants similar in spoon feeding spirit thus conserving the water and manure for their optimized use enhancing fruits and bio mass of plants. Interestingly a 3 ppm level of water soluble nano carbon prevents the development of mosquito beyond its larval stage in stagnant water pool. The architectural marvel in silk cocoon was studied to understand the thermostatic and humidity control with preferential oxygen gating inside such cocoon suggesting the construction of green house similar to the structure of cocoon.