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List of Graduate Thesis:

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Year Title Name of the Student
1984    Thermodynamics of Deoxidation of Molten Iron by Al ,Zr , Cr , Ti and V Gumma Venkata Ramana Murty
1986    Thermodynamic Studies on Complex Deoxidation of Liquid Steel Using Mn,Si,Al and Ca G Balachandan
1986    Thermodynamics of Liquid Fe-C-O Alloys Om Prakash
1987    A Plant Investigation of Deoxidation Equilibria and Production of Semikilled Steel Thomas Tharian K
1988    Nucleation and Growth Phenomena During the Reduction of Oxides of Some FCC Metals Sukanta Chatterjee
1994    Application of Adaptive Neural Nets (ANN) in Iron and Steelmaking Amlan Datta
1994    A Model for The Prediction of Ae3 Temperature of Multicomponent Steel Manoj Kumar
1995    Modern Artificial Intelligence Methods in Iron and Steelmaking Basant Kumar Kukreja
1995    Modelling of Ae3 Temperature in Steel Based on Composition Arnab Gupta
1996    Artificial Neural Networks for Blast Furnaces at Visakhapatnam Steel Plant N Venkata Sridhar
1996    Genetic Adaptive Search for Phosphorous Prediction in Oxygen Steelmaking Veluru Sudhakar
1997    Modelling of Mixing and Mass Transfer Phenomena in Gas Agitated Reactors Rakesh Kumar
1998    End Point Carbon and Temperature Prediction Using Sublance Measurements in Oxygen Steelmaking Converters Annabhimoju Sateesh Kumar
1999    Prediction of Coke Quality and Coke Rate Using Fuzzy-Logic and Genetic Algorithms Punya Sheel
1999    Kinetic,Statistical,Fuzzy Logic and Artificial Intelligence Models of Hot Metal Desulphurization in Torpedoes Rama Krishna Lingamaneni
2000    Dynamic Models of BOF Based on Sublance Measurements Chakravartula Gopi Krishna
2001    Deoxidation and Segregation in Continuously Cast Low Carbon Steel Billets Ashish Bajpai
2001    Intelligent Model for Optimal Control of Target Windows at End Point in Oxygen Steelmaking Divyesh Dixit
2002    Modelling Strategies for End Point Prediction in Oxygen Steelmaking Amitabh Shankar
2003    Kinetics of Lime Dissolution and Iron Oxide Reduction in Oxygen Steelmaking Pramod Kumar Gupta
2003    Structure Property Correlations in High Carbon Steel Wire Rod Galphade Vidyanand Shivajirao
2003    Kinetics of Iron Oxide Reduction and Study of Emulsion Formation in Steelmaking Amitava Paul
2003    Effect of Slag Composition and Morphology on Phosphorous Distribution in Steelmaking Jayanta Halder
2004    Desulphurization and Deoxidation in a 300 ton Ladle Arghya Dey
2005    Dynamic Modeling of AOD process Satish Kumar (M.Tech.)
2006    Thermal tracking of ladles in steel plant - Basic model development Ashok Roy (M.Tech.)
2008    Thermal and position tracking of hot metal and steel ladles in steelmelting shop Shashi Kumar (M.Tech.)
2009    Dynamic models of blowing, tapping and deoxidation in steel making V. Balakrishnan (M.Tech.)
2010    Physico-chemical aspects of lance skulling in BOF Ladles M. Malathi (Ph.D.)
2011    Dissolution of steel scrap in molten metal during steelmaking Ajay Shukla (Ph.D.) Co-guide Dr. N.Kaistha
2012    Alumina formation in titanium stabilized steels Wouter Tiekink (Ph.D. at University of Delft, Netherlands, Co-guide Prof. Rob Boom)
2015    Desalphurization of hot nmetal using Mg-CaO Hesso Jan (Ph.D. at University of Delft, Netherlands, Co-guide Prof. Rob Boom)