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Brief Details of sponsored and consultancy projects successfully completed are as under :

  1. Uttar Pradesh Steel Limited, Muzaffar Nagar (1986-88) Production of Ni-hard steels for grinding rings used for coal crushing; steel composition, casting parameters and heat treatment optimized to avoid cracking and improve service life.

  2. Metallurgical and Engineering Consultants (MECON), Ranchi (1986-1988) Development of control models of steelmaking converters; model developed and tuned to production conditions at an Indian steel plant.

  3. Development of computer simulation laboratory at IIT Kanpur for undergraduate and graduate students (1986-1988). A thurst area project sponsored by MHRD; co wokers Dr. D. Mazumdar and Dr. N.Chakraborty

  4. Foreign service assignment (1988-1991) to work as Scientific Advisor and Consultant to Hoogovens Steel (now CORUS formed as a consequence of merger of British Steel, UK, and Hoogovens Steel, Netherlands).

    Worked there on several projects and apart from this, working now on a new book titled “Process dynamics of steelmaking: fundamental and applied aspects”, with co-au Professor R. BOOM, University of Delft, Delft, as co-author, which is to be published by Institute of Materials, London, UK; continuing to work as a consultant to CORUS till date.

  5. Tata Iron and Steel Company (TATA Steel), Jamshedpur (1996-1998) Ca-Fe wire treatment of EQNR steels for optimum inclusion shape and deoxidation control; optimum additions of calcium metal, and complex reaction thermodynamics with slag was considered and improvements suggested.

  6. Year 2002: At TATA steel, Jamshedpur , the objective was to produce steel (in BOF) with less than 0.015 % Phos for IF grade heats, with 95% confidence. Prior to this program the confidence limit was less than 50%. The cost of the program was Rs. 5 Lakhs. It was successful. The number of people in lectures/discussions varied from 6-15. The program of the shop floor training and interaction was similar to as proposed above. The plant is happy with the results obtained. Further interaction (separate project) is already in progress and a dynamic model for the BOF process control is being developed.

  7. Year 2002-2003: The project Bokaro Steel Plant, Bokaro Steel City , was on the training of shop floor personnel, including blowers. Cost of the total program was 2.5 lakhs. The objective was to: eliminate bauxite consumption altogether and also reduce the percentage of reblows. As a result of the program and the effort made by the plant, within a month the addition bauxite (1.5 tons added per heat, at the cost of Rs. 1800/ton, in 300 ton vessel) has been completely eliminated. The reblows, earlier 100%, have now been reduced to less than 15%. The plant is now able to save more than Rs. 110 crores per year as a result of all these improvements.

  8. Year 2001-2003: The project at Visakhapatnam Steel Plant (VSP), Visakhapatnam , was very specific: to improve the lining life of BOF vessels from a level of 850 heats in April 2001 to 1500 heats within six campaigns; the lining life has now crossed 2200 heats.  Cost of one lining is Rs. 1.2 crores. In addition to this  VSP engineers were trained for three days at IIT Kanpur. The cost of the project was Rs. 5 lakhs. Including both direct and indirect benefits, the plant is now saving more than Rs. 40 crores per year.

  9. Year 2004: Deoxidation control and ladle temperature management at Bokaro. The work has been started in April 2004 and focuses on reduction of aluminum consumption, heat losses from ladle and production of clean steel. Target is to save more Rs. 1200/ ton.

  10. Year 2005: Dynamic model of AOD process: implementation at Jindal Stainless Hissar

  11. Year 2006: Joint project between IIT Kanpur and RDCIS SAIL funded by Ministry of Steel, Govt. of India on Level II automation, limited to off-line control of steelmaking in BOF at Rourkela Steel Plant; static and dynamic control models tested in off-line mode; off-line mode was decided due to hardware limitations. Models tested for limited heats and further implementation work taken over by RDCIS in 2009.

  12. Year 2009 to date: Multi-crore project awarded on a global tender basis jointly to Electronic Corporation of India Ltd. (ECIL), Hyderabad, IIT Kanpur, and Interra IT Kolkata for Level II automation of steel making in BOF at Visakhapatnam Steel Plant, Visakhapatnam.

    A fully automatic, dynamic on-line control system with auto-blow (no operator intervention during blow), has been successfully implemented and the Performance Guarantee Test parameters satisfied for BOF vessel (145 tons capacity).

    It is a 100% indigenous control system. The dynamic control models supplied by IITK are in now irregular use. ECIL has supplied its own supervisory control data acquisition system (E-SCADA). Interra IT Kolkata has supplied the HMIs. For the first time in world, auto-blow for 70% of the heats has been done without using expensive sub-lance, as practiced in plants abroad.

    A joint patent (IIT Kanpur-Visakhapatnam Steel Plant) has been filed in 2015 for the on-line dynamic control system for steelmaking in BOF.

Several small scale projects involved helping steel plants essentially to improve the operation of induction/arc furnace melting practices. In addition to this, help has been provided Government Agencies to help them to solve the problem of power consumption and its valuation in mini steel plants in UP and Bihar.





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