Bishakh Bhattacharya
Mechanical Engineering Department
Head, Cognitive Science Programme




SMSS Group




Research Interest

  • Active and Passive Vibration Control 
  • Structural Health Management
  • Energy Harvesting System
  • Robotics & Automation
  • Intelligent System Design
  • Child- Robot Interaction
Prof Bishakh Bhattacharya
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Smart Materials for Micro machining, in the Short Term School on "Micromanufacturing and Its Applications", IIT Kanpur

IITK-UKIERI Airbus seminar: Dynamic Response based Damage Detection and Adaptive Structural Control (Morphing)
[2013] IPS 9th Symposium at Waseda University, Japan on Adaptive Control of Parabolic Antenna System by SMA Actuators
[2013] UKIERI Presentation at Sheffield University, UK on Mechanical and Chemical Healing of Damaged Composites
[2013] SAC, Ahmadabad (ISRO) on Intelligent System Design
[2013] Boeing India, Bangalore, Smart Materials and Intelligent Systems Design at IIT Kanpur
[2013] HBTI, Kanpur, Future Directions in Material Selection for Advanced Design
[2013] IIT Patna on Embodiment of Intelligence in Product Design: Inspirations from Nature

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