Bishakh Bhattacharya
Mechanical Engineering Department
Head, Cognitive Science Programme




SMSS Group




Research Interest

  • Active and Passive Vibration Control 
  • Structural Health Management
  • Energy Harvesting System
  • Robotics & Automation
  • Intelligent System Design
  • Child- Robot Interaction
Prof Bishakh Bhattacharya
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Ongoing Projects

  • Neuro-Cognitive Instrumentation of Validated Human-Robot Interactions To Enhance Learning And Developmental Processes In Children (DST- JSPS)

  • Design & Development of Aquatic Autonomous Observatory (Niracara Svayamsasita Vedhshala-Nsvs) for In Situ Monitoring, Real Time Data Transmission & Web Based Visualization (IUSSTF)

  • Design And Development of Adaptive Intelligent Phmr For Fuel Transportation Systems (MHRD/UAY)

  • Shape Memory Alloys Actuated Mechanically Active Reconfigurable Lightweight Peekmaterial based Parabolic Reflector for Active Control on Rf Patterns Forhigh Frequency Micro/Nano Spacecraft Application (STC)

  • Development of A Fiber Optic Intubation Device with A Co-Sensor at Its tip for Facilitation of Endoctracheal Intubation (MHRD)

  • Design And Construction of Computer Controlled Automated Radio-Chemistry Synthesizer (MHRD)

  • Designing And Manufacturing of Prototype of Dynamic Endotracheal Tube Holder (MHRD)

Closed Projects

  • Seamless Affordable Assistive Technology for Health (SAATH) (DBT) - [2014-2018]

  • Design of A Smart Inflated Torus and Antenna Membrane (STC) -[2014-2018]

  • Development of Cabin Pressure Control System for Lca (HAL) [2014-2017[

  • Development of Compressed Air Based Test Bed for Pipe-Line Health Monitoring Robot (GAIL) [2015-2017]

  • Design and Development of a Pipeline Health Monitoring Robot Based on Smart Sensor Embedded Rotating Probes and an Efficient Data Communication (GAIL) [2013-2016]

  • Design of Active Flexible And Re-Configurable Parabolic Antenna Using Sma Based Smart Actuators (STC) [2013-2015]

  • Integrated Sensing, Monitoring and Healing For Complex Autonomous Systems (UKIERI) [2012-2015]

  • Mems Based Health Management System for Automotive Brake & Steering Sub-Systems (ADA) [2010-2015]

  • Optimal Vibration Control of Composite Structure (DST-ULIERI) [2009-2012]

  • Matlab Based Modeling, Simulation And Validation of Lch Main And Tail Rotor Actuators (HAL) [2009-2010]

  • Modellng and Development of Multiphase Micro-Structured Dampling Layer for Broadband Vibration Dampling In Flexible Links (ARDB) [2007-2011]

  • Design of A Smart Fully Compliant Mechanism of Trajectory Tracking (DST) [2007-2010]

  • Control of Flexible And Reconfigurable Parabolic Antenna Using Sma Based Smart Actuators (ISRO) [2006-2008]

  • Development of A Novel Turning Indicator Mechanism Using Shape Memory Alloy Based System (GM) [2005-2006]

  • Smart Hybrid Damping of Vibration on Rotating Flexible Links (ARDB) [2003-2005]

  • Development of Smart Composite Prosthetic Limbs (MHRD) [2002-2004]


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