Bishakh Bhattacharya
Mechanical Engineering Department
Head, Cognitive Science Programme




SMSS Group




Research Interest

  • Active and Passive Vibration Control 
  • Structural Health Management
  • Energy Harvesting System
  • Robotics & Automation
  • Intelligent System Design
  • Child- Robot Interaction
Prof Bishakh Bhattacharya
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PhD Supervision (Completed)

  1. Mohan K Misra, Modelling and Adaptive Control of Layer Hardening of Steel
    Beams subjected to Electromagnetic Induction [2016]

  2. Ashesh Saha, Analysis and control of friction-induced vibrations by time-delayed position feedback [2013]

  3. Anand Kumar, Structural Health Monitoring of Composites using Smart Sensing and Actuation [2010].

  4. Atanu Banerjee, Forward and inverse analyses of SMA actuated compliant links and mechanisms [2009].

  5. Ravindra K Patel, Numerical Study of the Damping Behaviour of Polymer Matrix Composites [2008].

  6. Dibakar Bandopadhyay, Active Vibration Control of Flexible Manipulator Using Terfenol-D and IPMC as Smart Actuator and an Application of IPMC in a Partially Compliant.

M Tech Thesis

  1. Abhinav Ranjan, Design and Development of Assisted Thyroid Retractor
  2. Ayush Poddar, Design and Development of Modular Pipeline Inspection Crawling Robot
  3. Sachin Umrao, Structural Health Monitoring of Gas-Pipe Network Based on Machine Learning Techniques
  4. Jai Prakash Singh, Analytical study of Active and Smart Cabin Pressure Control System for variable flight profile

  5. Shubham Agarwal, Modeling and System Identification of Viscoelastic Material and Inflated Structure using Frequency Response Transmissibility
  6. Hanit Bansal, Design and development of a modified eddy current damper for improved high frequency isolation
  7. Kanhaiya Lal Chaurasia, A Novel and Robust Cabin Pressure Control System (CPCS) for Combat Aircraft using Active Smart Valve System

  8. Matin Ahmed, Gas Path Simulation and Fault Diagnosis Model for an Aero Engine Gas Turbine
  9. Sharad Katiyar, Modelling of the Electro-Thermo-Mechanical behaviour in a laminated composite beam with externally attached SMA actuator and its application in delamination detection
  10. Anirudhdha A Kulkarni, Vibration transmissibility based identification of viscoelastic systems
  11. Anil K Meena, Identification of mechanical system through impulse excitation
  12. Vaibhav Verma, Design and development of pipe health monitoring robot
  13. Ajinkya Jain, Two design challenges in exoskeleton system: optimal gait control and optimal gripper system design

  14. Shikhar Pradhan, Analysis and Design Optimization of a Seven Link Robot Gripper with an Integrated Actuation System.
  15. Vaibhav Chaturvedi, Optimal Design of Smart Stiffener for Vibration Damping of a Parabolic Space Antenna
  16. Ajay K Jain, Shape Memory Alloy (SMA) based Sensor for Two-Phase Flows Akshay Chawla, Optimal Actuation of SMA-wire Network for Adaptive Shape Control of a Space Antenna System

  17. Praveen D Kumar, Active shape control of parabolic antenna using shape memory alloy wires.
  18. Partha Pratim Paul, Development of a Coupled Thermo-Electro Mechanical and Temporal Model of SMA Wire using a Hybrid approach.
  19. Anmol Pandey, Topology Optimization of Compliant Systems using Constructive Solid Geometry through Multi-objective Genetic Algorithm.

  20. Chetan Ingale, Design of a Passive Vibration Isolation System using Magnetic Damper.
  21. Gokul Khairnar, Damage identification in composite structures using dynamic response and machine learning techniques.
  22. Shriram Kulkarni, Muscle powered piezoelectric energy harvesting system for implantable medical devices.
  23. Nitesh Kurmar Shah, Investigation of Damping in Viscoelastic Nanocomposite for Large Frequency Band.
  24. Faez Ahmed, Topology Optimization of Compliant Systems using Constructive Solid Geometry.
  25. Dipak Kumhar, Dynamic Response based Damage Detection in Turbine Blades.

  26. Ramchandra Lad, Studies on the Active Shape Control of Parabolic Antenna Model Using Shape Memory Alloy (SMA) Wire based Actuators.
  27. Saurabh Agrawal, Studies on Damage Detection in Laminated Composite Structure Based on Dynamic Response Analysis.
  28. Nitish Kumar, Studies on Friction Induced Oscillations of Disc Brake Idealized as Cantilever Beam with End Mass in Contact with Rotating Disk.
  29. Subhash Yadav, Modelling and Development of broad band damping layer for flexible links.

  30. Satish Satpal, Development of passive vibration isolation device using Shape Memory Alloy (SMA) wire.
  31. Prashant Kumar, Application of 3D Laser Doppler Vibrometer for Damage Detection in Composite Plates.
  32. Shashank S Pande, Analysis and Control of Friction Induced Oscillations in an idealized Brake Model.

  33. Sudhir Varanasi, Finite element Model updating for Damage detection and Damping Identification in Composites using Dynamic Responses from Laser Scanning Doppler Vibrometer.
  34. Lalit Lahuti, Partially compliant 4-bar manipulator for control of coupler curve and energy harvesting.
  35. Rahul. Verma, Studies on Directional Damping of Laminated Composite Plates using Laser Doppler Vibrometer.

  36. J. Durgam, Application of 3D Laser Doppler Vibrometer for Vibration Analysis and Damage Detection in Composite Plate.
  37. Nurul Huda Shaik, Control of Instabilities in Pipes Conveying Pulsating Fluid using Shape Memory Alloy Based Actuation.
  38. M. Duttatreudu, Kineto-elastodynamic Analysis of Flexible Manipulator and Vibration Suppression using Ionic Polymer Metal Composite.
  39. Rajesh. Kudikala, Multi-objective Optimization of Actuator Placement for Static Shape Control of Plates using Genetic Algorithm.
  40. N. S. R. Prasad, Shape Memory Alloy based Actuation of Composite Beams and Shape Control of Parabolic Space Antenna.

  41. Prasad Misri Kotkar, Modeling and Development of Shape Memory alloy Based Actuator with an application to Parabolic Space Antenna.
  42. Seshu K Mahankali, Optimal Distribution of Piezoelectric Actuators for Static Shape Control - Multi-objective Approach.
  43. Gaddam Raju, Dynamic Analysis of Damaged Plate Structure and Experimental Validation using PVDF based Sensory Network.
  44. Pankaj Agarwal, Design of a Robotic Gripper for Safe Handling of Nuclear Fuel Pellets Using PVDF Slip Sensors.
  45. Gaurav Bansal, Development of an Autonomous Inspection System Based on PVDF based Cantilever Sensory Probe for Closed Conduits and Barrels.
  46. Vishal Kausal, Design of a Compliant four Bar Pick and Place Mechanism Using SMP Rocker.
  47. M. Srinivasulu, Comparison of Single Objective and Multi-Objective Based Form and Force Closure Grasp of 2D Prismatic Objects.

  48. Manoj Katare, Development of PVDF and Terfenol-D based Shear Force Sensors for Robotic Fingers.
  49. Badrinath Mekap, Active Shape Control of Parabolic Antenna Reflector using SMA based binary segmented actuation.
  50. Nitin K Galpat, Nonlinear System identification using neural networks.
  51. S K Nijamuddin, Analysis of electromechanical deformations.

  52. Abhijit Banerjee, Measurement of Aerodynamic Forces and Flow Visualization Study of Butterfly sized elliptic wing flapping models.

  53. Vikram S Choudhuri, Finite Element Analysis of Particulate Composite with PVDF Sensor.
  54. Arvind K Jaiswal, Development of Smart High Precision Finite Element for Vibration Control and Health Monitoring of Composite Laminates.
  55. Srikant Shekhar Padhee, Modelling, Simulation and Analysis of Single Link Flexible Manipulator.

  56. Suman Basu, Analysis of Flow Structure & Heat Transfer in Tube Banks and a tube in Rotating Configuration.
  57. Pavan Pachuri, Finite Element Modelling of Electromechanical System using ATILA.
  58. Manish Sinha, Vibration Generation and Shape Control of Composite Structure using SMA wire.

  59. Ankur Gupta, Modelling, Simulation and Damping of Flexible Manipulators.

  60. Tarun Kumar, Studies on the effectiveness of Magnetostrictive Sensors for Sensing Delamination in Composites.
  61. Lalit Sharma, Elastic behaviour of 3D Model Cellular Solids.

MS Thesis

  1. Jatin Gupta, Dynamic Modeling and Optimal Control of a Simple Lower Limb Exoskeleton System

M Des Thesis

  1. Vamshi Beeravelly, To Design and Develop an Innovative Remotely Operable Mixing System for Medical Applications

  2. Rohit K Singh, Design and Development of an Energy Harvesting System from Vortex Induced Vibration
  3. Pankaj Rathoure, Design and Development of Pipe Health Monitoring System

  4. Asif Mohammad, A Novel Multifunctional and Deployable Mobile Solar Energy Harvesting Bicycle Basket
  5. Chandan K Behera, Automatic Sleep Arousal Detection and Analysis of Therapeutic techniques for Sleep Disorders

  6. Basava K Mukkundi, Design of an Interactive Walking Stick for Elderly People
  7. Rajesh Ranjan, Design and Development of Networked Health Monitoring and Drug Control System

  8. Priyanka Bharti, Quality education over quantitative education at primary level in India.
  9. Jivtesh Singh Aulakh, Engineering Design of Aluminium Composite Material with Rice Husk.
  10. Anshuman Karmakar, Design of an Egocentric Display for Low Cost Collision Alerting Systems for Sport Aviation.

  11. Reshma Maurya, Design of a muscle power based energy harvesting device.
  12. Aravind Sanmuga Sundaram Muthuswamy, Autonomous Play-Robot to Facilitate Learning in Children.

  13. Sandipan Das, Urban Mobility Solution.
  14. Rohit Raghuvanshi, Development of an India-Centered Inspiration Process for Automobiles.
  15. Prithu Paul, Studies in Asynchronous Web-Based Learning.

  16. Atul R Sultane, Design and development of a new energy harvesting device for mobile phones.
  17. Umang Shah Arvindkumar, Concurrent Engineering and Industrial Design for the development of an Edutainment Product.
  18. Vimal Kumar, Smart Drug Infusion: A New Product design.

  19. M Arun, Aesthetic explorations of advanced automobile design and balanced interior design of an intermediate public transport.
  20. Sneha Singh, Discourse on Holistic Strategic Packaging Design.

  21. V S Haveesh, A new design solution for reducing scratches in small Indian cars.

  22. Dharmendra K Gadaria, Design of a Sitting Module for R129.

  23. Rajendra Patsute, Information Visualization and Design for Ancient Nalanda University.
  24. Abhishek Upadhya, Virtual reconstruction of Architecture of Nalanda University based on Information Visualization.
  25. Mayank Tiwari, Web based interaction Design Modal to help reading disabled children in India.

  26. Manish K Nema, Intelligent Product Design Using SMA based technology.

  27. Adesh K Singh, User Interface Design for Touch-screen Based Navigation System


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