• "Vibhram" Selected Among Top Innovations for Army Day

    The High Efficiency Dissimilar Coaxial Helicopter design called "Vibhram" a novel helicopter design....

  • Success in First Round of 2018 UAS Flight and Payload Challenge

    A design concept paper submitted by a team (called EndureAir) of students from MAV and VTOL lab of Aerospace Engineering department and guided by Professor Abhishek recently won the first stage of "the Unmanned Aerial Systems Flight and Payload Challenge"...

  • Third Prize in AHS Student Design Competition

    "Vibhram" a novel helicopter design by a team of post graduate students (two PhD and six MTech) from Aerospace Engineering Department of IIT Kanpur have won third prize in the graduate category of 34th Annual Student Design Competition organized by the American Helicopter Society (AHS).

M Tech, UG and RA

People » M Tech, UG and RA

Akshay Kumar Sharma

M. Tech.

Research Interest:

Email: akshays(at)

Hobbies: Tennis, swimming, wall-climbing and watching movies


Ankur Duhoon

Research Engineer

Research Interest: Design and Development of UAVs, Transmission Design, Composite Development, Material Manufacturing, Structural Dynamic Testing and CAD Modelling

Email: aduhoonpal(at)

Hobbies: Playing Badminton, Watching movies and nature documentaries and Reading science and technology blogs


Diksha Aggarwal

M. Tech.

Research Interest:

Email: diksha(at)

Hobbies: Swimming, music, watching movies, painting, teaching


Karthik Sathyanarayanan

M. Tech.

Research Interest: Helicopter Design, Helicopter Dynamics, Design of Rotary UAV and control of autonomous systems, Aeroelastic analysis

Email: karthiks(at)

Hobbies: Rifle shooting, playing tennis, basketball, cricket, philately, military related video game

M. Rama Krishna


Research Interest: Design of rotary wing and VTOL UAV/MAVs.

Email: rkrishna(at)

Hobbies: Aeromodelling and volleyball


Naveen Gupta


Research Interest: Rotory wing MAV design, Flapping Wing MAV.

Email: nvngupta(at)

Hobbies: Puzzle solving, Strategy Games, Music, Football.


Naba Kishore Routray

M. Tech.

Research Interest: 

Email: (at)



N. C. Kaushik


Research Interest:

Email: nkaushik(at)



Pankaj Patil


Research Interest:

Email: pankajpb(at)



Prashant Singh


Research Interest: Design and control of VTOL UAVs

Email: singhpra(at)

Hobbies: Aeromodelling, painting and reading


Praveen Kumar


Research Interest:

Email: ranjanpk(at)


Rushikesh Chaudhari


Research Interest: Design of Rotory Wing and VTOL UAV / MAV.

Email: rushirc(at)

Hobbies: Aeromodelling, Music, Movies

Sakshi Gupta


Research Interest:

Email: guptasa(at)

Hobbies: Playing Badminton, watching movies

Sourav Sinha


Research Interest: Design, Dynamics and Control of Rotary Wing Aircraft and UAVs

Email: srvsinha(at)