• "Vibhram" Selected Among Top Innovations for Army Day

    The High Efficiency Dissimilar Coaxial Helicopter design called "Vibhram" a novel helicopter design....

  • Success in First Round of 2018 UAS Flight and Payload Challenge

    A design concept paper submitted by a team (called EndureAir) of students from MAV and VTOL lab of Aerospace Engineering department and guided by Professor Abhishek recently won the first stage of "the Unmanned Aerial Systems Flight and Payload Challenge"...

  • Third Prize in AHS Student Design Competition

    "Vibhram" a novel helicopter design by a team of post graduate students (two PhD and six MTech) from Aerospace Engineering Department of IIT Kanpur have won third prize in the graduate category of 34th Annual Student Design Competition organized by the American Helicopter Society (AHS).


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