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Kuldeep Kumar Dhiman

PhD (Since Dec 2013)

Research Interest: Flapping Wing Micro Air Vehicles, Hover Capable Micro Air Vehicles.

Email: dhims(at)

Hobbies: Meditation, Yoga.

Rahul Ramanujam

PhD (Since Jan 2016)

Research Interest: Helicopter Blade Morphing, Smart Materials, Compound Helicopter.

Email: rahulram(at)

Hobbies: Cricket, Football, Web Surfing.

M. Rama Krishna

PhD (Since Aug 2019)

Research Interest: Design of rotary wing and VTOL UAV/MAVs.

Email: rkrishna(at)

Hobbies: Aeromodelling and volleyball

Ram D Gadekar

PhD (Since Aug 2015)

Research Interest: Control, Navigation and Guidance, Micro Air Vehicle Design.

Email: ramd(at)

Hobbies: Programming, Computer gaming, Cricket, Working out.

Yonas Gebre

PhD (Since Aug 2013)

Research Interest: Wind Turbines

Thesis Topic: Experimental and Analytical Investigation of Vertical Axis Wind Turbine

Email: yonasg(at)