Professor (HAG) Kamal Krishna Kar

Champa Devi Gangawal Institute Chair Professor (2019-2022)

Umang Gupta Institute Chair Professor (2015-2018)
Professor, Department of Mechanical En

and Materials Science Programme
Indian Institute of Technology

Kanpur 208016, UP, India

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Area of Interests

-Carbon nanotubes, graphene, porous carbon, exfoliated graphite, -Nanostructured advanced materials including nanopolymers, -Multifunctional and functionally graded composites, -Nanocomposites including multiscale composites, -Carbon-carbon/silicon composites, -Finite element analysis of polymeric products, -Roadwheel of Military Battle Tank Arjuna

-Applications of materials in Fuel cell, Lithium battery, Thermoelectric, Water purification, Supercapacitor, High performance structural composites, Catalysis, and Biomedical Implants



Prime Minister Sir Narendra Modi handed over a replica of the Arjun Main Battle Tank (MK-1A) to Army chief General Manoj Mukund Naravane in Chennai on February 14, 2021.   | Photo Credit: Ragu R

It is an indigenously designed tank which has been developed and manufactured by CVRDE, DRDO along with 15 academic institutions.

Acknowledgement: Prof. Anil K. Bhowmick (PhD Advisor), IIT-Kharagpur; Director, Combat Vehicles Research & Development Establishment (CVRDE); Dr. S.S. Prasad, IS and Director, DTSR (DRDO); Dr. H.H. Bhargava, Dy Director, DTSR (DRDO); Mr. Subhas C, Saraf, Chairman and Managing Director, Madras Elastomers Limited; Friends of Madras Elastomers Limited; and.......

Performance/Test report of product tested at CVRDE (DRDO)

Research Group:M.Tech


097. Thesis: Gas separation using graphene: Molecular dynamics  

         Student: Parth Luwaria (17807461)   


Registration: 29/07/2017


096. Thesis: Not decided  

         Student: DM Raj (20105049)  


Registration: 15/08/2020


095. Thesis: Heat generation and degradation of supercapacitor  

         Student: Shivendra Kumar Sinha (20105419)  


Registration: 30/08/2020


094. Thesis: Sizing of supercapacitor  

         Student: Jatashankar (20105058)  


Registration: 30/08/2020


093. Thesis: Not decided  

         Student: Subham Jain (20105128)  


Registration: 30/08/2020


092. Thesis: Supercapacitor (modeling)  

         Student: Navin Kumar (19205418)  




091. Thesis: Design of supercapacitor electrode

         Student: Mukesh Kumar Pal (19205417) 


Registration: 01-01-2020


090. Thesis: Modeling of supercapacitor using MATLAB  

         Student:  Alka Jangid (19112001)


Registration: 26/07/2019


089. Thesis: Recycling of supercapacitor materials 

         Student:  Harish Kumar Trivedi (19112007)



088. Thesis: Study of phase response synchronization in neuronal population using fractional model   

         Student: Anurag Kumar Dwivedi (15807123)




087. Thesis: Design and CFD-based flow simulation via a mechanical tri-leaflet artificial heart valve

         Student:  Dhananjay Shukla (18112002)



086. Thesis: Design and simulation of steady-state axisymmetric flow through a caged-ball valve (artificial heart valve) during peak systole 

         Student:  Soham De Roy (18112011)



085. Thesis: Fly ash reinforced acrylonitrile butadiene styrene composites  

         Student:  Ramdas V. Mangore (18112015)



084. Thesis: Effect of pore forming agents on properties of sulfonated polyether ether ketone (SPEEK) membrane for polymer electrolyte membrane fuel cell applications

         Student:  Sachin Chauhan (18112013)



083. Thesis: Influence of electrode structure on the degradation of Fe-N-C catalysts for the oxygen reduction reaction (ORR) in polymer electrolyte membrane fuel cell 

         Student:  Humera Khatoon Siddiqui (17112008)

Supervisors: Kamal K. Kar and

Prof Ulrike I Kramm (TUD, Germany)    


082. Thesis: High performance green supercapacitor derived from egg white gel polymer electrolyte and human hair activated carbon as an electrode material

         Student: Kapil Dev Verma (17112010)  




081. Thesis: Waste fly ash mixed polymeric media for surface finishing of industrial parts through abrasive flow machining process

          Student: Gopal Ashok Gupta (17112006)




080. Thesis: Simulation of Methane Hydrate depressurization using Open FOAM

         Student: Faizal (14807233)



079. Thesis:Hybrid RANS/LES Simulation of Methane-LOX Combustion

         Student: Kisalaya Mishra (14807319)  



078. Thesis:Modeling and Simulation of Li-air Batteries using Lattice Boltzmann Method

         Student:  Aakash Verma (13807005)




077. Thesis: Artificial heart valves (mechanical): Design, testing and comparative study

         Student:  Mridual Bharadwaj




076. Thesis: Exfoliated graphite based anode materials for lithium ion battery:Synthesis, characterization and performance evaluation

         Student:  Sagar Andani (15112014)



075. Thesis: Artificial Heartvalve: Numerical Study of Fluid Flow

         Student: Saurabh Kumar Gupta (15112027)



074. Thesis:Study of thermally produced cuprous oxide as a low cost photovoltaic material with fabrication and characterization of Cu/Cu2O Schottky junction and p-Cu2O/n-ZnO heterojunction solar cell

         Student: Somnath Danayak (14112027)

Year: 2017

073. Thesis: Microwave based planar gas sensors using carbon nanotube coated on carbon fiber

         Student: Prakrati Azad (14112016)



072. Thesis: Activated carbon derived from human hair as electrode material for super capacitor 

         Student: Robin Rathore (14112020)



071. Thesis: Fabrication and characterization of carbon-carbon composite filled with human-hair derived activated carbon

         Student: Suyash Varshney (14112030)


070. Thesis:  Electrocatalytic characteristics of activated carbon derived from green coconut husk for proton exchange membrane (PEM) fuel cells

         Student: Suman Kanti Bhattacharjee (14112029)


069. Thesis: Activated carbon derived from rachis of chicken feather as electrocatalyst for proton exchange membrane (PEM) fuel cells

         Student: Shashank Singh (14112024)


068. Thesis: Fish scale derived activated carbon as electrocatalyst for proton exchange membrane (PEM) fuel cells

         Student: Sanju Samanta (14112023)


067. Thesis: Copper and graphite reinforced high density polyethylene composites: Bipolar plate for proton exchange membrane fuel cells

         Student: Samir Pattanayek (14112022)


066. Thesis: Flexible solid state lithium battery: Synthesis, characterization and performance evaluation

         Student: Salman Khan (14112021)


065. Thesis: Removal of methylene blue dye from wastewater by reduced graphene oxide- ferric oxide-titania nanocomposites

         Student: Milan Singh (14112009)


064. Thesis: Finishing of helical gears using abrasive flow machining 

         Student: Dipti Sharma (14112007)


063. Thesis: Mechanical and thermal behaviours of graphite reinforced acrylonitrile butadiene styrene composites

          Student: Bisal K B (14112006)


062. Thesis: Modeling of material properties of carbon carbon composites

         Student: Anmol Jauhari (14112003)


061. Thesis: Synthesis characterizations and thermoelectric performance of PVA-TiB2 novel nanocomposite

         Student: Abhijnan Chowdhuri (14112001)


060. Thesis: Microwave absorption properties of epoxy composite based on carbon powder derived from chicken feather fiber

         Student: Hari Prakash

Year: 2016


059. Thesis: Study of RF microstrip attenuators based on carbon black and exfoliated graphite

         Student: Rahul Verma

Year: 2015

058. Thesis: Comparative study of reduced graphene oxide-titania, reduced graphene oxide-ferric oxide and reduced graphene oxide-titania-ferric oxide nanaocomposites for photocatalytic degradation of methylene blue and arsenic adsorption

         Student: Manish Kumar

Year: 2015

057. Thesis: Mechanical, thermal, and electrical properties of graphite reinforced polypropylene nanocomposites

         Student: Virendra Singh Rathore  

Year: 2015

056. Thesis: Graphite reinforced acrylonitrile butadience styrene composites for mechanical and thermal applications

         Student: Vashu Singh Kachhavah  

Year: 2015

055. Thesis: Mechanical, thermal, and rheological properties of graphite reinforced nylon-6 composites 

         Student: Susmita Baban Singh  

Year: 2015


Current Address: Oracle India Private Limited


054. Thesis: Graphite reinforced polyethylene terephthalate composites: Thermal mechanical and rheological  properties

         Student: Suneel Kumar Sahu  

Year: 2015

Current Address:

053. Thesis: Graphite reinforced polycarbonate thermoplastic composites: Rheological, viscoelastic mechanical and thermal properties

         Student: Ravi Kant Sagar  

Year: 2015

052. Thesis: Graphite  reinforced  highdensity    polyethylene composites: Bipolar plate for proton exchange membrane fuel cells 

         Student: Kavita Singh  

Year: 2015

051. Thesis: Mechanical, rheological, thermal and electrical properties of LDPE/graphite flakes composites:Bipolar plates for PEMFCs

         Student: Jyoti Tiwari  

Year: 2015

050. Thesis: Thermomechanical    properties    of       graphite reinforced polystyrene thermoplastic composites

         Student: Gaurav Sareen  

Year: 2015

Current Address:


049. Thesis: Numerical simulation of the mechanical and thermal properties of high performance carbon-carbon composites during carbonization process

         Student: Jitendra Kumar  

Year: 2014


048. Thesis: Fabrication and characterization of carbon based highly flexible smart battery fiber in the form of lithium ion battery

         Student: Deepak Pandey  

Year: 2014

Current Address: Engineering Analyst

     Oceaneering International

047. Thesis: Fabrication and characterization of silicon oxide based highly flexible smart battery fiber in the form of lithium ion battery

         Student: Madhur Kasaudhan  

Year: 2014

046. Thesis: 2D numerical simulation of material properties during carbonization process in carbon carbon composites

         Student: Navajit Singh Baban  

Year: 2014

Current Address: New York University


045. Thesis: Li-ion transport, structural and thermal studies on lithium triflate and barium titanate incorporated poly (vinyldience fluoride-co-hexafluoropropene) based polymer electrolyte for Li-ion battery applications

         Student: Sowntharya Logapperumal  

Year: 2014

044. Thesis: Automatic air bleeding valve for closed hydraulic systems

         Student: Biswajit Jana  

Year: 2013

043. Thesis: Parameter estimation using electroanalytical data in proton exchange membrane fuel cells using inverse technique

         Student: R Arjun  

Year: 2013

042. Thesis: Viscoelastic properties of coil carbon nanotube coated carbon fiber reinforced polymer nanocomposites

         Student: Vinay Panwar  

Year: 2013

041. Thesis: Effect of lithium triflate and barium titanate on the ionic transport properties of poly( vinylidene fluoride-co-hexafluoropropene) based polymer electrolyte for lithium-ion batteries

         Student: Prashik Gajbhiye 

Year: 2013

040. Thesis: Fabrication and flow analysis of micro-channels for bipolar plate of polymer electrolyte membrane fuel cell

         Student: Charchit Kumar

Year: 2013

039. Thesis: Mechanical properties of nickel coated carbon fiber reinforced epoxy nanocomposites: Effect of coating time

         Student: Amit K. Yadav

Year: 2013

038. Thesis: Numerical simulation of the degradation behavior of carbon fiber during carbonization process

         Student: Rahul Yadav

Year: 2012

037. Thesis: Synthesis and Characterization of the Li-ion based superionic conductors

         Student: Siddanathi Nageswara Rao

Year: 2012

036. Thesis: Exfoliated graphite and graphene reinforced polymer nanocomposites as bipolar plate for PEM fuel cell

         Student: Nagaraju Sykam

Year: 2012

035. Thesis: Exfoliated graphite reinforced polymer nanocomposites as bipolar plate for PEM fuel cell

         Student: Aruna Devi

Year: 2012

034. Thesis: Polymer based Electrolyte for Li Battery

         Student: M. Suresh

Year: 2012

033.Thesis: Thermo-oxidative degradation and life estimation of carbon fibers

         Student: Saurav Kumar

Year: 2011


Current Address

The University of Alabama


032. Thesis: Digital holography: A method of protein crystal growth visualization

         Student: Satya Prakash Gupta

Year: 2010

031. Thesis: Growth mechanism of carbon nanotubes within the cluster volume to surface Area model: Experiments and simulations

         Student: Nandati Sreekanth

Supervisors: Kamal K. Kar and G. Cuniberti, Germany

Year: 2010

030. Thesis: Synthesis and characterization of iron encapsulated carbon nanotubes

         Student: Sourav Garg

Year: 2010


Present Address: University Of Alabama, USA  


029. Thesis: Synthesis and characterization of carbon nanotube coated alumina for structural applications

         Student: N. Parvathala Reddy

Year: 2010


Present Address: Australian National University


028. Thesis: Field emission study of carbon nanotubes towards luminescent bulbs

         Student: Sandhya Rani

Year: 2010


Present Address: North Carolina State University, USA

027. Thesis: Synthesis and characterization of carbon nanotube coated kanthal wire

         Student: B. Yamini Sarada

Year: 2009

026. Thesis: Carbon nanotube coated tungsten filament: Electric lamps

         Student: Sangay Agarwal

Year: 2009

025. Thesis: Carbon nanocoil coated carbon fiber for structural applications

         Student: Raghunandan Sharma

Year: 2009

024. Thesis: Carbon fiber reinforced polycarbonate composites: structural applications

         Student: Gaurav Kumar Gupta

Year: 2009

023. Thesis: Preparation and characterization of carbon fiber and nanoparticle coated carbon fiber reinforced polycarbonate composites

         Student: Satyaprakash Kushwaha, (CIPET-Chennai)

Year: 2009


          Present Address: SSG India Pvt Ltd (MNC)

022. Thesis: High performance carbon-carbon composites- effect of processing parameters

         Student: Soumya Sarkar

Year: 2007

021. Thesis: Fabrication and modeling of ionic polymer metal composites for use as actuators

         Student: Nadeem Akhtar

Year: 2007

020. Thesis: Synthesis and characterization of high energy materials

         Student: Prashant Mishra

Year: 2007

019. Thesis: Synthesis and characterization of carbon nanotube on nickel alumina catalyst support

         Student: Akhil Kumar

Year: 2007

018. Thesis: Numerical simulation of the degradation behaviour of carbon-carbon composites during carbonization process

         Student: Chinmoy Panda

Year: 2007

017. Thesis: PTFE-Cu composites by powder processing and sintering

         Student: M. Anantharaman

Year: 2006

016. Thesis: Performance evaluation of abrasive flow machining

         Student: Piyushkumar B Tailor
Year: 2006

015. Thesis: Glass fiber reinforced polyester composites for structural applications

         Student: Akash Mohanty (CIPET-Bhubaneswar)

Year: 2006

014. Thesis: Synthesis and characterization of alumina nanoparticles and its composites in ABS matrix

         Student: Saurabh Srivastava (CIPET-Bhubaneswar)

Year: 2006

013. Thesis: Synthesis and characterization of carbon nanotubes on the surface of carbon fiber for structural application

         Student: Prabhat Kumar Agnihotri

Year: 2005

012. Thesis: Studies of hysteresis loss in hyperelastic materials

         Name: Rakesh Kumar

Year: 2005

011. Thesis: Studies of hysteresis loss in hyperelastic materials: Effect of process variables

         Name: Sanjiv K Thakur (CIPET-Bhubaneswar)

Year: 2005

010. Thesis: Characterization of behaviour of the polymeric seal using finite element method

         Name: Mukesh Rawat

Year: 2003

009. Thesis: Textured model for CAD visualization

         Student: H.B. Muley

Year: 2003

008. Thesis: FRP products using rubber molding technique

         Student: Suraj Kumar Behera

Year: 2003


Present National Institute of Technology Rourkella

Department of Mechanical Engineering

007. Thesis: Laser based ultrasonics for defect characterization in composite materials

         Student: Nitin Khanna

Year: 2003

006. Thesis: Preparation and characterization of nanopolymers: High density polyethylene, polypropylene and polystyrene

         Student: Pradip Paik

Year: 2003

005. Thesis: Development of rubber pressure molding to fabricate FRP products

         Student: Tinku Kumar Sah

Year: 2002

004. Thesis: Dislocation pattering under internal and external stresses

         Student: Mahesh Kumar Sahu

Year: 2002

003. Thesis: Fabrication and characterization of polymer bonded magnet from polyisoprene and iron powder

         Student: Praveendra Pratap Singh

Year: 2002

002. Thesis: Modeling and experimental analysis on extrudate swell of polyethylene, polypropylene and polystyrene

         Student: Sanjay Gupta

Year: 2002

 001. Thesis: Magnostriction and magnetomechanical effects of magnetostrictive materials

         Student: Balaram Dewangan

Year: 2002