Academic Experience:

Since Dec. 12, 1995
March 9, 1991 to Dec. 11, 1995
Nov. 28, 1988 to March 8, 1991
Associate Professor
Assistant Professor
Department of Electrical Engineering, Indian Institute of Technology, Kanpur (India)
Jan 12, 1996 till 4 Dec. 1997 (On leave from IIT Kanpur) & during May term 1998.
May 20-July19, 2002
Associate Professor

Visiting Professor*
Electric Power System Management field, Energy Program, Asian Institute of Technology, Bangkok (Thailand)
May-June 2005Visiting ProfessorECE Dept. University of Western Ontario, Canada
August 2008 –July 2009Visiting Research ProfessorECE Dept. Mississippi State University, USA (also as Adjunct Professor during 2009-10)
+ Served as ‘P.K. Kelkar Chair Professor’ position during October 2009 till Sep. 2012, and ‘Ministry of Labour and Employment Chair Professor’ position during March 2015 till February 2018.