Courses Taught:

(PG/G: Postgraduate/Graduate, UG: Undergraduate)

At I.I.T. Kanpur:

  • Simulation of modern power systems (PG)*
  • Digital simulation of power systems (PG)
  • Economic operation and control of power systems (PG)
  • Power system dynamics (PG)
  • Electric power system operation and management under restructured env. (PG)*
  • Advanced power system stability (PG)*
  • Power systems (UG)
  • Power generation and utilization (UG)
  • Electrical Science-I (UG)/ Introduction to Elect.Engg (UG)
  • Electromechanical energy conversion (UG)-Lab.& lectures
  • Computer methods for power system analysis (UG)
  • Introduction to profession (UG)
  • Synchrophasor technology and its applications (PG)*
  • *New courses developed

At A.I.T. Bangkok, Thailand: (Jan.1996- Dec.97)

  • Power systems design and operation (PG)*
  • Optimization of power system operation (PG)*
  • Power systems dynamics and stability (PG)*
*New courses developed

At University of Western Ontario, Canada: (Summer 2005)

  • Power system stability (G)

At Mississippi State University:

  • Power transmission system (UG & G)- Fall 2008
  • Selected topics in ECE: Advance Power System (G)-Spring 2009 (half the course on synchrophasor based WAMS)*
*New course developed