Ph.D. Theses:

Completed 27+ 4 ongoing

  • 1. Investigations into Static and Dynamic Aspects of Voltage Stability”, IIT Kanpur, December 1994. (by Kailash Nath Srivastava)
  • 2. “Voltage Security and Loss Minimization Studies in Electric Power Systems”, IIT Kanpur, April 1995. (by Sri Niwas Singh)
  • 3. “Artificial Neural Network based Power System State Estimation”, IIT Kanpur, July 1995. (by D.M. Vinod Kumar)
  • 4. “Voltage Stability and Contingency Selection Studies in Electric Power Systems”, IIT Kanpur, December 1995. (by Satish K. Joshi)
  • 5. “Artificial Neural Network based Power System Damping Controllers” AIT Bangkok, May 1996-Dec.1997. (by B. Changaroon)
  • 6. “Classification of Partial Discharge Patterns using Texture Analysis Algorithms” (CO-supervisor), IIT Kanpur, June 1999. (by M.K. Rahman)
  • 7. “Voltage Stability Margin Enhancement using FACTS Controllers”, (CO-supervisor), at IIT Kanpur, October 2000. (by Chandra Prakash Gupta)
  • 8. “Available Transfer Capability Determination and Congestion Management in Competitive Electricity Markets”, (Co-supervisor), IIT Kanpur, July 2003.
    (by Ashwani Kumar)
  • 9. “Network Reduction, Congestion Management and Transaction Allocation Algorithms in Electricity Market”, IIT Kanpur, August 2004. (by Himanshu Kumar Singh)
  • 10. “Voltage Stability Constrained Power System Security Assessment and its Enhancement using FACTS Controllers”, IIT Kanpur, January 2005.
    (by Mitresh Kumar Varma)
  • 11. “Automatic Generation Control and Reactive Power Management in Restructured Electricity Markets” , IIT Kanpur, October 2005. (by Barjeev Tyagi)
  • 12. “Development of Nonlinear Adaptive Damping Controllers for Improving Power System Stability”, IIT Kanpur, December 2006. (by B. Kalyan Kumar)
  • 13. “Loading Sensitivity and Price Based Indices for Optimal Placement of FACTS Controllers to Enhance Power System Performance”, IIT Kanpur, February 2008.
    (by Jai Govind Singh)
  • 14. “Fast Available Transfer Capability Determination and its Enhancement in Electricity Markets”, IIT Kanpur, June 2008. (by Trapti Jain)
  • 15. “Frequency Regulation Service and Reactive Power Management in Electricity Markets”, IIT Kanpur, December 2008. (by Sanjoy Kumar Parida)
  • 16. “Development of Adaptive Load Shedding and Distance Relaying Schemes Utilizing Synchrophasor Technology”, IIT Kanpur, November 2010.
    (by Seethalekshmi K.)
  • 17. “Synchrophasor Assisted State Estimation and Voltage Stability Monitoring Including Optimal PMU Placement”, IIT Kanpur, December 2010. (by Ranjana Sodhi)
  • 18. “Real Time Power System Stability Prediction Using Synchrophasor Based Wide Area Monitoring System”, IIT Kanpur, December 2010. (by Praveen Tripathy)
  • 19. “Development of Strategic Bidding of Supplier and Buyer in Electricity Markets”, IIT Kanpur, September 2012. (by Arvind Kumar Jain)
  • 20. “Swarm Intelligence based DG and Capacitor Planning in Distribution Networks”, IIT Kanpur, October 2012. (by Naveen Jain)
  • 21. “Multi-Area Power System State Estimation Utilizing Synchrophasor Measurements, Multi-Agents and Common Information Model”, IIT Kanpur, June 2014.
    (by Ankush Sharma).
  • 22. “Early Detection & Control of Voltage Stability and Fast Assessment of ATC using Synchrophasor Measurements”, IIT Kanpur, July 2014.
    (by Ch V V S Bhaskara Reddy).
  • 23. “Improved Estimation of Dynamic Phasors, and their Applications in Distance Protection & Stability Assessment”, IIT Kanpur, January 2015.
    (by Paramarshi Banerjee).
  • 24. “Development of Synchrophasor Measurement Based Wide-Area Damping Controllers for Improving Power System Stability”, IIT Kanpur, January 2015.
    (by Bibhu Prasad Padhy).
  • 25. “Development of Control Schemes for Power Management and Operation of DC Microgrids”, IIT Kanpur, January 2015 (by Mahesh Kumar).
  • 26. “Improved Load Modelling and its Impact on Stability of Power Systems having Large Penetration of Wind Generation”, IIT Kanpur, March 2016 (by V. Vignesh).
  • 27. “Development of Efficient Fault Detection and Location Techniques for DC Microgrid Protection”, IIT Kanpur, February 2018 (by Anju Meghwani).

Ph.D. Theses in Progress: 4 Nos. (One on Fast ATC calculation, second on on-line PSS tuning using synchrophasors, third on stability and control issues in micro-grid, fourth on transmission planning under market scenario and renewable sources ).