Editor of the following Books (published under Narosa Series on ‘Power and Energy’)

  • • ‘Power Electronics Laboratory: Theory, Practice & Organization’ by O. P. Arora, 2007.
  • • ‘Electrical Engineering Materials’ by Bhadra Prasad Pokharel, Nava Raj Karki, 2007.
  • • ‘Small Signal Analysis of Isolated Hybrid Power Systems: Reactive Power and Frequency Control Analysis’ by R.C. Bansal and T.S. Bhatti, 2008.
  • • ‘Fundamentals of Power Systems’ by M. A. Salam, 2009.
  • • ’Simulation of Power Electronic Circuits’ by M. B. Patil, V. Ramanarayanan, V.T. Ranganathan, 2009.
  • • ‘Small Signal Analysis of Power Systems’ by M. A. Pai, D. P. Sengupta, K. R. Padiyar, Reprint 2009
  • Book Chapters:
  • • Trapti Jain, Sri Niwas Singh and Suresh Chandra Srivastava, STATCOM Application for Enhancement of Available Power Transfer Capability in Transmission Networks, in the book entitled Static Compensators (STATCOMs) in Power Systems, Springer (2015). Editors: Farhad Shahnia, Sumedha Rajakaruna, and Arindam Ghosh.
  • • Mahesh Kumar, SC Srivastava and SN Singh, Modelling, Design, and Control of Smart DC Microgrid for Integration of Various Non-conventional Distributed Generators, in the book entitled Handbook of Distributed Generation: Electric Power Technologies, Economics and Environmental Impacts, Springer (2017). Editors: Ramesh Bansal.