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We are a research group in the Electrical Engineering (EE) department at the Indian Institute of Technology, Kanpur. Our research is in the field of science and technology of semiconductor devices and circuits, with the focus on advances in the von Neumann computing field such as low-power, low-voltage, beyond-CMOS logic and memory devices and associated materials. The core research areas of our group are: (a) Discovery and optimization of new generation high-performance nanoscale devices and exploration of their circuit-level behavior, (b) Power-Performance-Per-Area (PPA) benchmarking, (c) Emerging volatile/non-volatile memories and their reliability perspective, and (d) analog/RF device and circuit design for 5G/6G applications.

I am looking for highly motivated students with strong research interest and academic background to join our EDCL group and work on interesting reserach areas realted to CMOS devices and circuits. Interested students can email their CV with a brief discussion about the research problem they would like to investigate.