General Class Information

ANNOUNCEMENT End Semester Examination:23/11/2011


                                 S Ghorai         Room: FB559
                                 T Muthukumar        Room: FB561

Lecture times:

                        Monday, Wednesday, Thursday  08:00-09:00, L16   (Section C)
                        Tuesday, Wednesday, Friday      12:00-13:00,  L7     (Section D)

Tutorial times:

                         Problem solving: Tuesday       08:00-09:00 (Section C)
                                                    Monday       12:00-13:00 (Section D)

                         Discussion hour: Friday         08:00-09:00 (Section C)
                                                    Thursday    12:00-13:00 (Section D)

Rooms allocation for Problem solving and Discussion hour

Tentative lecture schedule Click here

Course materials

1. E. Kreyszig. Advanced Engineering Mathematics. (8th Edition)

2. NPTEL notes: Ordinary Differential Equation Laplace Transform

3. G.F. Simmons. Differential Equations with Applications and Historical Notes.

4. T. Amarnath. An Elementary Course in Partial Differential Equations.

5. A. Jeffrey. Applied Partial Differential Equations: An Introduction

6. Lecture notes Ordinary Differential Equation


                         Quiz Exam:        25%
                         Midsem Exam:   30%
                         Endsem Exam:   45%


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